Woodshed Audio has announced the release of the Essentials Bundle, comprising three Essential series packs: Cymbals
Shaker & Tambourine, and Hi-Hats.

Looking to save some money? You can easily purchase all 3 of our Essentials packs for 1 low price! Cymbals / Hi-Hats / Shaker & Tambourine.

Over 2,000 one shots and loops combined. The perfect compliment to your current library of drum samples. Check it out today!

Essentials Bundle features

  • Essentials: Cymbals is a collection of over 500 pings, swells, crashes, scrapes, and pangs! Whether you’re looking for bright ride cymbals, vibey and dark crashes, or the perfect cymbal roll to lift that last chorus, “Essentials: Cymbals” has everything you need!
  • Essentials: Shaker & Tambourine – This massive collection of over 1,000 samples and loops is everything you need for authentic natural sounding shakers and tambourines. We have covered everything from inexpensive plastic egg shakers to high end orchestral tambourines. Bright and present to dark and trashy with everything in-between.
  • Essentials: Hi Hats is a collection of over 900 one shots and loops! Whether you’re looking for super crisp hi-hats or natural sounding loops you’ll find them in this pack.

The bundle is available for purchase for the introductory price of $50 USD for one week only (regular $75 USD).

More information: Make Pop Music