Woodshed Audio has announced the release of Essentials: Cymbals, a sample pack featuring over 500 samples of cymbals.

Essentials: Cymbals is huge collection of every cymbal sound you need to add the finishing touches to your music.

Including over 500 different sounds, Essentials: Cymbals from Woodshed Audio has everything from swells and crashes to pings and scrapes. This pack contains a variety of cymbals from bright to dark and from clean and clear to trashy and vibey. Mixed by Jonathan Roye, each cymbal in this pack comes with multiple microphone options, dynamic options, and variations of each.

Also new this month, previous Woodshed Audio packs: Vintage: Vinyl, Essentials: Pop, Essentials: Shaker & Tambourine have all been updated to include Apple loops! During the month of December, use coupon code “HOLIDAY20” at checkout to receive 20% off your entire purchase.

The sample pack costs $30 USD.

More information: Make Pop Music