Wrongtools has announced a new Kontakt instrument library that is a radical departure in sounds derived from the unique sounds of Hohner Clavinet.

With timbres, variations and brilliance far surpassing that of other similar sampled instruments, Ambient Clavinets is a deep and colorful free formed research into the clavinet timbres, drawing out its unique qualities through all kinds of treatments.

Radically different from the kinds of sounds usually associated with the clavinet. The instrument is often used and misused as a funk instrument. So if you want to play Superstition, you will not find that kinds of sound here. This is a very different approach. There is a lot more to this instrument than what is has established itself to be.

Clavinets were taken apart and played directly on the strings with different contemporary textural techniques. The strings were stretched, plucked, bowed, fan’ed, scraped, bottleneck’ed and treated in manners that are usually associated with electric guitars.

Multiple mic positions and multiple choice of amps and effects on each preset. Recorded with alternative pickup systems and contact mics through wads of electronics, amps & various etceteras.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 6.4.2 or higher, the 4.8GB library includes 84 patches. It is priced 39 EUR.

More information: Wrongtools