Wrongtools has announced its upcoming Kontakt instrument library The Silk Rhodes, featuring the unusual sounds of a recorded 1975 Rhodes Mark1 captured with a boutique vintage signal chain.

A tender vintage mrk1 rhodes piano, deeply sampled with some nontraditional techniques, as well as normal keys – up to 10 velocity layers.

For the principal patch, the tonebars was plucked with finger tips rather than played with keys, making a sonorous tender mellow sound. This is not the standard bell-sounding rhodes piano sound. This one is more wooden sounding, with a clean crisp and warm analogue sound.

The Silk Rhodes features

  • Up to 10 dynamic layers.
  • 2,409 samples.
  • 50+ separate presets, including bonus patches and variations.
  • Sustains recorded pedal down and up.
  • Articulation switcher.
  • Includes release triggers.
  • Pedal sounds available on separate fader.
  • Attack sound available on separate fader.
  • Delicious arrhythmic flakes sculpts.
  • Custom IR reverbs.

Available to purchase at a pre-order price of 19 EUR until Friday June 17th, 2022 (regular 29 EUR), the library runs in the full versions of Kontakt 6.4.2 or higher.

More information: Wrongtools