Wusik has released The Hyper Collection, a soundset for the Wusik Station rompler synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Wusik Hyper Collection

In this set we try to come with totally different ideas, using Granular Synthesis with regular in-house sounds, plus, field recorded sounds, to come up with new sound textures. Plus, creative preset creation to really push the limits of the Wusik Station Engine. Be sure to listen to all audio examples to hear what’s inside this set. The best part is that you can use presets as a base for your own sound experiments. Just load a preset and switch sounds with your own samples, or sample with the Wusik Station Sampler feature, here’s where the fun starts!

The Hyper Collection features

  • Over 280 presets in the following categories: Granular SFX (135), Looped SEQs (9), Regular SFX (28), SEQ SFX (38), Synth Sync (14), Tuned Waveforms (31), Ultra Saws (10), Vocoder SEQs (17).
  • Format: mostly WAV files with a few SFZ sets and Wusik Station V6 Presets. (Compatible with V7 too)

The soundset is available to purchase for $14.95 USD.

More information: Wusik