Wusik has released Wusik VM, a VST manager/organizer for Windows PC.

You load WVM and inside it, you load your VSTs. Once you extract the presets to FXP files, you can organize those files in any way you want, or download categorized FXP files from our future library of VST FXP files. When a FXP is loaded, it will load the correct VST for it and apply the FXP Preset to the loaded VST.

This means that you can save/organize patches by type (i.e. bass, pads, etc) for easy browsing. When loading the patch, WVM will automatically load the correct VST plug-in for it. WVM also has a search option which will help you find patches.

WVM is the VST Manager part of WusikXtation. It costs $19.95 USD and is included (free) with WusikXtation orders. Wusikstation V4 users receive Wusik VM free.

Visit Wusik for more information.