Wusik has released Wusik VST Tools, a set of tools for processing VSTs.

Wusik VST Tools work just like a regular VST, but inside you have the option to load another VST and process it depending on the tool selected. Notice that nothing else is required to use this tools, only a VST Host and VSTs to load inside.

Wusik VST Tools includes:

  • Wusik Tool ARP: features a step-grid and ARP Speed selector. Regular Up, Down, Up-Down and Random modes. Each for the option of up to 3 octaves
  • Wusik Tool Melody: You play a chord in the lower section of the midi-keyboard, and the upper section white-keys will follow the chord you play. This tool has 3 modes: Free Chord Play, One Finger Chord – where you can assign up to 12 chords to unique keys and Transposer Key/Octave mode
  • Wusik Tool Over-Sampler: Lets you load a VSTi and select 2 to 4 times over-sampling. So, if you are at 48khz, at 2x oversampling you get 96khz. that results in much smoother sound, and less aliasing. It also has a global Bypass option, when selected, will turn-off over-sampling for all loaded instances

Demo versions are available for download with the limitation that you can’t change anything on the loaded VST GUI and Song/Preset/Bank saving is not implemented.

Wusik VST Tools is available for Windows VST and costs $59.95 USD. By purchasing this set of tools, you also receive any new tools we may add to the set in the future.

Visit Wusik for more information.