Wusik Wusikstation v5

Wusik has released version 5.7.2 of Wusikstation, a hybrid vector & wavesequencer sampler VST instrument for Windows PC.

Changes in Wusikstation v5.7.2

  • Several problems related to reading WAV/SFZ files fixed.
  • Problem with the FX version related to some graphic-images fixed.
  • Problem with Loop-Position Modulation x Poly Presets fixed.
  • Groove-Box/G-Seq Problem when using Note-Learn mutting the note inputs fixed.
  • Groove-Box/G-Seq Midi-Learn is now working on all Groove Box parameters.
  • Internal memory leak problems with very large sound files fixed.
  • Changing number-of-voices no longer re-loads sounds, only the preset.

Both the full & demo versions have been updated.

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