XLN Audio has released its new Funk’d Up MIDI Pak, featuring MIDI drum files.

The Funk’d Up MIDI Pak is just waiting to take you on a funky inspirational journey with a slight fusion twist. In the style of Jamiroquai, Prince and Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) – or even Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Mars Volta – the beats and grooves make things a little bit more complicated – musically! But it’s just as easy to use as all other XLN products. Always keeping in sync with your host with quick and easy previewing and drag n drop MIDI directly to your arrangement.

The Funk’d Up MIDI Pak consists of 200+ live recorded MIDI files divided in 5 grooves, 5 beats and a bunch of fills in different tempos. The beats are more straightforward funk orientated beats with many variations such as 16th hi-hat, 8th hi-hat, 8th open hi-hat, ride bell etc. The grooves are busier and with variations such as hi-hat, ride, tom specials and sidestick.

Funk’d Up MIDI Pak features

  • 5 beats with 20+ variatons each.
  • 5 funk’d up grooves with 10+ variations.
  • 16 fills in different lengths.
  • All in all: 200+ live recorded MIDI files.

The Funk’d Up MIDI Pak is available to purchase for 19 EUR incl. VAT. XLN Audio is currently offering a free additional title with the puchase of a MIDI Pak.

More information: XLN Audio / Funk’d Up