xoxos has released two freeware VST instruments for Windows PC.

cc cube is designed for creating song structure modulation of parameters on several VST simultaneously.

xoxos cc cube

cc cube features

  • Eight sets of cc modulation values may be selected by clicking on the numbers to the left. Values will be sent at the next clock event. A fast clock rate is recommended for applications not requiring tempo sync.
  • The lower right panel controls the host synced clock. The wrench icon holds the current value while modulating clock rate settings during performance. 1/n inverts the beat division value for rates slower than one beat.
  • Swing and offset knobs have a small region in the center position defined to assist in resetting these parameters to zero.
  • The top right panel creates algorithmic progressions by specifying the probability for each band to follow the current one. The rate of modulation is determined by applying the count value to the clock rate (eg. actuating every count # of clock pulses).
  • The counter can be reset either with or without resetting the random sequence simultaneously. Buttons ‘remember’ clicks at the next clock event and do not need to be held to modulate.
  • When no probabilities are indicated, band 1 will be selected.

Bloqseq uses a second tier of sequencing to alternate between short sequences of up to eight steps. In and of itself it’s only capable of creating simple patterns and is proposed as a conceptual platform.

It may prove to have some utility as a performance sequencer. To make Bloqseq more useful, each sequencing coefficient has it’s own length and reset function to create polyrhythmic modulation.