xoxos Period Seq

xoxos has released Period Seq, a MIDI VST instrument for Windows PC.

Period Seq can generate nonrepeating or complex, structured feeling sequences automatically, or with gui elements geared towards live tweaking.

Period Seq features

  • Sequencer uses four counters with the following parameters:
    Offset: delays output by the specified number of counts.
    Period: the number of counts incremented between generated sequence events.
    Count: the number of generated sequence events output after counter is reset.
  • Sequences can be made more interesting with the following methods:
    – Each counter can be driven by either of two separate clock sources.
    – Each counter can be reset at one of four different reset rates.
    – Counters can also be reset by higher-numbered counters.
    – Counter parameters can be modulated by host-synced LFOs.
    – LFOs are also assigned to reset rates and have seven different options for s&h.

Period Seq is included with all xoxos licenses, and can currently be download for free from the xoxos website (it says for 24 hours, so hurry up and get it).

Visit xoxos for more information and some audio demos.