Yamaha MOTIF XS Editor

Yamaha has released version 1.2.1 of the MOTIF XS Editor VST, a VST plug-in tool which lets you edit and save the various parameters of your MOTIF XS synthesizer.

The MOTIF XS Editor VST, based on the “VST3 technology” by Steinberg, works as a VST3 plug-in with Cubase series 4.5 or later (DAW application). The MOTIF XS Editor VST also works as the same way as other VST instrument software, allowing you to save the edited settings of the MOTIF XS, or use them for another project.

In addition, you can handle the MOTIF XS Voices in the Media Bay window in Cubase when using the MOTIF XS Editor VST with Cubase 4.5 or later, allowing you to search for, listen, and play the MOTIF XS Voices within Media Bay in Cubase. The MOTIF XS Editor VST provides a comprehensive and seamless music production environment – making the use of hardware and software both easier and much more efficient.

Changes in MOTIF XS Editor VST v1.2.1

  • Compatibility with MOTIF XS6/ MOTIF XS7/ MOTIF XS8 version 1.50 is now enabled.
  • It is now possible to store the DAW application file by pressing the [S] key while holding down the [Ctrl] key as a shortcut operation on the MOTIF XS Editor.
  • The editor now starts up in Voice mode regardless of the “Startup Mode” setting if the editor is started from the Instrument Track or the Media Bay. However, when “Auto Start” is set to “on,” the editor starts up in the same mode as the current mode of the MOTIF XS depending on the Current data setting in the Auto Sync Setting.
  • Improved the system stability of Cubase when changing a MOTIF XS Voice frequently in the Media Bay window of Cubase.
  • Minor bug fixes.

The standalone MOTIF XS Editor was updated as well, also featuring compatibility with MOTIF XS6/MOTIF XS7/MOTIF XS8 version 1.50, and some minor bug fixes.

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