Yellow Tools has released the Independence Pro 2.5 Software Suite, a bundle including the Independence 2.5 sampler-workstation, Independence LIVE host application, and Independence FX, the mastering and post production effect rack.

The INDEPENDENCE PRO 2.5 Software Suite is the ultimate package for music creation in your studio and for live perfomances – now bundled with Independence Pro, Independence Basic and all Independence Instruments but also available separately!

Independence Pro 2.5 Software Suite features

  • RTAS interfaces of Independence and Independence FX for Mac and Windows.
  • Pitch-Shifting & Time-Stretching (élastique by zplan.development).
  • 24 insert effects can now get connected with modulators and modifiers (e.g. you can connect a step modulator with the “wet” parameter of the real-time Impulse Response Processor “Origami”).
  • Extended automation options directly on the Mapping Page and the Performance Page.
  • Any automated parameters now have their own automation curve (from -100% to +100%).
  • X-fade function with real-time view in the audio editor.
  • Custom control area now contains 32 freely assignable knobs and buttons.
  • New expandable and scrollable virtual keyboard.
  • Extended “import audio file” option.
  • Innovative “dynamic split note” feature.
  • 2 new inserts “ring modulator” and “rotary speaker”.
  • Improved multi-core support.
  • “keep layer settings” and “keep custom control settings” option.
  • “replace section” and “replace audio file” option.
  • Improved browser, content views & section views.
  • and many more…

The Independence Pro 2.5 Software Suite is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone) for 149 EUR incl. VAT. The update from Independence Pro 2.0/2.1 is 39 EUR incl. VAT, and updating from Independence Basic, Candy, Culture, and Majestic is 59 EUR incl. VAT.