Yurt Rock has announced the release of the All-Star Multitrack Drum Bundle, a value collection featuring 6 multi-track drum libraries at an 80% discount.

Say goodbye to stereo loops and hello to the wonderful world of multitrack drums. The All-Star Multitrack Drum Bundle gives you instant access to some of the greatest drummers in modern music including Clyde Stubblefield, Joey Waronker, Rich Redmond & George Fludas.

Featuring six separate releases from our acclaimed Multitrack Drum Series, The All-Star Bundle gives you 100% control of the mix for each drummer, allowing you to dial in eq, compression, and effects on every audio channel including kick, snare, toms, overheads, and room, ensuring that you’ll get the perfect mix for any project.

The bundle is available to purchase for only $99 USD (regular value $474 USD).

More information: Yurt Rock