Yurt Rock has announced the release of a new volume of MIDI Hybrid Drums, featuring shuffles, odd meters, power pop, indie rock and more.

Hybrid Drums Volume 4 is packed full of unique and inspiring MIDI and Audio loops. With six complete sessions in, each with its own intro, verse, chorus, bridge, fill and ending loops, all of the essential song building blocks are literally at your fingertips.

With everything from power pop, rock shuffles, odd meter (5/4) backbeats and soul ballads, Hybrid Drums Volume 4 covers a vast range of genres and tempos, providing you with hundreds of starting points for your next track.

MIDI Hybrid Drums Vol. 4 is available for $19 USD. The Hybrid MIDI Drum Bundle with all 4 MIDI packs by Ryan Gruss is $38 USD (50% savings).

More information: Yurt Rock