Yurt Rock has recently launched with the release of several sample collections featuring the sounds of drums and percussion, bass, guitar, and saxophone.

Founded by Ryan Gruss (The Loop Loft and Native Instruments), Yurt Rock brings loops and samples from established artists right to your DAW.

The product catalog currently includes packs from Victor Indrizzo, Adam Levy, Blair Sinta, Bob Reynolds, Charlie Hunter, Eric Harland, Joey Waronker, Tim Lefebvre, Terence Higgins, Ryan Gruss, Doug Wamble, and Sean Hurley.

Individual packs are available for $39 USD, and a monthly subscription plan is also available at discounted price of $9.99 USD.

Do you want it all? The Yurt Rock Subscription is the best option for you. In addition to instantly unlocking four acclaimed titles from our catalog, you’ll receive a new Yurt Rock release every Friday. Cancel anytime.

The Yurt Rock Subscription currently includes 14 packs, and 4 new releases are added every month.

More information: Yurt Rock