ZAK Sound has released a new Inspiring Sessions series virtual instrument for Windows and Mac. Azure Lake contains 28 inspirational sounds to create emotional, sentimental, and soft melodies inspired by the serenity and tranquility of nature’s lakes and the environment that surrounds them.

Azure Lake presets 28 sound presets to create a unique and inspirational environment for the most emotional and profound songs.

The idea behind these instruments was to achieve a warm and beautiful tone like the sounds that lakes inspire. We created an imaginary lake called “Azure Lake” that references calm and radical tones and sounds.

Priced $20 USD, Azure Lake is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats. Update August 10th: Azure Lake is now free!

Also released recently is Orange Dreams, an instrument plugin inspired by the combination of the sunset’s orange colors with the dreams left in the past.

Additionally, a bundle of free Raizes instruments is available to download. It includes Chill Piano, Ambient Pads, Soft Strings, Tono Bass, and Drum Box.

More information: ZAK Sound