Treeswift Audio has announced the release of a brand new soundset for the Zebra2 software synthesizer from u-he.

Designed by composer and sound designer Jan Morgenstern, Zebra Elementals: ISLA features a collection of 120 patches that are inspired by water.

For some of the contained sounds, the water association is quite literal; you’ll come across a wide variety of iridescent streams, waves and drips, artfully interwoven with tonal elements. For most of the patches, though, it is more of an abstract theme. These are all sounds that have some kind of fluid quality to them; in their sound, in the way they ebb and flow, and in how they respond to your playing.

The soundset comes with a wide range of sound categories, including lead sounds, sparkling bells and mallet instruments, lush and shimmering pads, powerful drones, vibrant and magical textures, sequences, arpeggios, a variety of drums and percussion instruments, and an assortment of highly original and flexible sound effects and ambiences.

Zebra Elementals: ISLA is available at an introductory 25% early bird discount, priced 26.24 EUR until April 7th, 2021 (regular 34.99 EUR).

More information: Treeswift Audio