Zenhiser 1981 Drum Beats / Extreme Sub Booms

Zenhiser has announced the release of several new sample packs: 1981 Drum Beats and Extreme Sub Booms.

New Zenhiser sample packs

  • 1981 Drum Beats — The 1980’s series is a collection of electronic 80’s beats and loops created solely to represent the 80’s drum loops of a certain year. Starting with 1981 these incredible 80’s drum beats capture the sound, style and groove of 1981 music productions. Each 80’s drum beat is supplied in 24 bit 48 khz goodness with multiple passes including no kick and stripped down version to fit in perfectly with your music productions.
  • Extreme Sub Booms — 125 brand spanking new sub booms and drops that will fit perfectly in your music productions. Designed from the ground up these sub booms and boom fx will push your speakers to their maximum and deliver that low end goodness.

The 1981 Drum Beats series sample packs are available to purchase for $8.99 AUD each. Extreme Sub Booms is available for $14.99 AUD.

Zenhiser has also announced a 40% discount on all stabs & synth hits for May, 2010.

Get in quick and use the coupon code Z40STABSMAY to get your 40% off all our stabs and synth hits including the original series, oldskool hardcore stabs and chilled ambients stabs.

More information: Zenhiser