Zenhiser has released some new sample packs: The Ultra Distorted Drum Kit 01, The Twisted Electro Drum Kit 01, Pure Minimal Groove Loops 01 & 02, and H20.

Zenhiser sample packs

The Ultra Distorted Drum Kit 01 is a collection of nearly 300 industrial strength drum sound and drum hits.

The Ultra Distorted Drum Kit is like nothing you have ever heard before, a brand new drum sound collection that not only holds it’s own sound but fits in just about every genre from breaks & d&b through to minimal techno and trance. This drum kit is simply awesome.

Price: $19.99 AUD.

The Twisted Electro Drum Kit 01 features over 270 slammin electro drum sounds ranging from all powerful kick drums through to mind melting percussion and drum fx.

If you liked our Twisted Electro Beats then you’re going to love ‘The Twisted Electro Drum Kit’. Constructed with the same attention to detail The Twisted Electro Drum Kit is a awe inspiring collection electro drum sounds and drum hits that will not only inject an exciting flair to current beat productions but also create a brand new style of quirky and prolific electro beats.

Price: $19.99 AUD.

Pure Minimal Groove Loops 01 & 02 are two collections of 60 minimal groove samples each.

Simply Looptastic! ‘Pure Minimal Groove Loops’ is exactly as the title says, pure unadulterated minimal grooves for the concerted minimalist. Constructed to give your productions the professional minimal groove they need ‘Pure Minimal Groove Loops’ delivers all and much more. Each sample pack includes over 60 pristine minimal loops including drum loops, bass loops and rhythm loops. These minimal loop packs are the perfect starting ground for getting your minimal grooves off the ground by delivering extremely high quality sounds and an extremely high level of programming.

Price: $9.99 AUD each.

H20 is the first in Zenhiser series of Sound FX & Foley, featuring over 320 mb of pristine water sounds available in wav format (106 files).

This broad collection of extremely high quality 48 khz water sound wav files scopes the realms of water fx and delivers a large digital library of water sounds second to none. Recorded on site these are original recordings of water sounds ranging from Ocean Sounds, River Sounds & Waterfall Sound through to Water Drop Sounds, Water Splash Sounds, Tap Sounds & a great array of Running Water Sounds.

Price: $29.99 AUD

More information: Zenhiser