ZenSound has announced its new soundset Betelgeuse, a collection of 150 new patches for the Zebra2 software synthesizer by u-he.

ZenSound Zebra Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse is a collection of malevolent, dramatic and damaged sounds. A well balanced blend of organic and synthetic sounds specially designed for widescreen scores.

Betelgeuse is the darkest collection for Zebra2 at ZenSound, inspired by the music of Ben Frost (Dark), Hildur Gudnadottir (Chernobyl), Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein (Stranger Things) and Charlie Clouser (Saw).

Blood pounding basses and basslines, suspenseful percussion loops, dramatic leads and pads, deep infernal soundscapes, dynamic and intriguing emotive sequences, sinister keys and mallets going out of tune, an amalgam of bizarre noises infused with tension and drama which are a delight for cinematic compositions.

Betelgeuse also uses pitch shifting techniques to bring that slightly unstable and drifting analogue feel.

The soundset costs 19 EUR + VAT. You can save 5 EUR on a purchase with coupon code SUPERNOVA at checkout. The offer expires Friday October 18th, 2019.

More information: ZenSound