ZenSound has announced the release of a new soundset for the TAL-J-8 software synthesizer from Togu Audio Line.

Inspired by the soundtracks of Summer 84, The Knick and Stranger Things and the music of Le Matos, John Carpenter and Boards of Canada, Moebius brings a collection of 140 presets for the software emulation of the Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer.

Moebius is all about the 80s soundtracks, dark and suspenseful with a tone of nostalgia reminding old chillhood memories playing VHS tapes or searching for a strange murderer in the bicycle accompained with friends.

Formed by dynamic arps and sequences, wonderful leads and pads, nostalgia keys, analog bass loops and basses, scary soundscapes and erratic, old and faulty synths. Moebius is ideal for your future music projects and soundtracks.

In addition a lot of presets have been designed using the two layer option of J-8 to make morphed, bigger sounds and ever evolving yet subtle sound changes by just pressing one key.

The Moebius soundset is available at the intro price of 16.99 EUR until May 28th, 2021 (regular 19 EUR). Use coupon code TALISMAN at the checkout to get the discount.

More information: ZenSound