ZenSound has announced the release of Netrunner II, a slightly darker continuation from the previous soundset for the Repro-5 synthesizer instrument by u-he.

ZenSound Netrunner II

Like its predecessor, Netrunner II brings a wide spectrum of soft analog as well as distorted and aggressive sounds.

Netrunner II is a collection of 128 patches full of dark analog, dreamy and haunting sounds, this soundset has been crafted with the utmost care to give you something new in each patch.

Formed by emotive and dreamy keys, commoving pads and leads, bleak ambiances, gritty and damaged synths and cinematic tension loops, thrilling science fiction effects and powerful solid sounding basses and bassloops.

Netrunner II features

  • 128 patches for Repro-5.
  • Normalized Volumes.
  • Velocity Sensitivity.
  • Control by Modwheel.
  • NKS version for NI Kontrol users.
  • Royalty Free, for commercial or free use.

The soundset is available for the intro price of 16 EUR + VAT until December 10th.

More information: ZenSound