Zero Crossing iThereal iOS

Zero Crossing has announced the release of iThereal, a software Theremin for iOS.

iThereal is an iOS device-controlled virtual Theremin. Play iThereal by tapping or sliding your finger on the screen or by moving the iOS device.

Play with its built-in Theremin voice, or thereminize other voices in GarageBand or Logic Pro Remote as an Inter-App Audio App. Connect your iOS device through Wi-Fi or MIDI cable to send raw MIDI data using iThereal to a device that reads MIDI. Play on stage wirelessly using a low-cost Bluetooth receiver plugged into a PA or amp over the Bluetooth audio connection.

iThereal iOS features three modes: Classic, iThereal Plus, and Gyro.

Classic mode plays a classic Theremin sound using two touch points to control volume and pitch independently.

iThereal Plus is one touch control of volume and pitch. This mode includes the ability to use standard pitch bend to obtain a desired pitch or a Discrete Portamento variation that sequences through two pitch points that follow one another. Both functions have a slider that controls the speed of these pitch changes as well as volume change. The slider gives you access to standard beats per minute associated with tempo markings. A non-continous/continous option is available to have the sound end when the finger is removed or have the sound continue at the last touch point, indefinitely, until a touch point is changed.

Gyro uses data from the internal Gyroscope. This mode allows for either pitch bend or Discreet Portamento. The option of continuous or non-continuous sound as described for iThereal Plus mode is also available in Gyro Mode.

iThereal iOS uses a ‘cross-hair’ User Interface to designate pitch and volume placement. The pitch’s vertical line exactly coincides with markings along the display’s bottom frame mapped in octaves. This allows for stretching or compressing the instruments full range while in play. Precision of pitch is absolutely accurate and timing characteristics associated with transitions of pitches are precise to .0001 of a second.

iThereal for iOS is available for purchase for $2.99 USD at the App Store.

More information: Zero Crossing / iThereal