Zero-G has announced the release of Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals, the latest addition to the hugely popular cinematic vocals series.

Intimate Vocals includes two amazing new Vocal True Legatos that offer a distinctive and different vocal timbre from the one included in the recently released Ethera Gold 2.5 and is an ideal addition to that library.

Using the magnificent voice of Clara Sorace with its thrilling blend of soul, cinematic, epic and emotionality, Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals will add drama and emotion to your work thanks to two new articulations…

Soft Oh has an angelic, flute-like sound which is perfect for soft or fantasy type vocals. This Legato is Medium/Fast which allows for faster melodic passages.

The second articulation is a Slow Legato. Thanks to Clara’s vocal range, Zero-G have created a dark, slow True Legato which is ideal for creating vocal parts similar to that in the Gladiator film-score. Use this True Legato for slow, emotional, dramatic vocals.

Ethera producer Stefano Maccarelli has chromatically sampled every interval and sustain to obtain the highest quality sound. A painstaking process that means there’s no artifacts, no fake-pitch, only a real voice at your fingertips.

A Multi-Layer technique has also been utilized so that for many articulations it is possible (using midi velocity) to choose between different legato styles so that you can select the most appropriate articulation for the situation.

Ethera Gold Intimate Vocals is available now for £33.49 GBP or 36.95 USD/EUR which includes an introductory 20% off until January 2nd, 2021.

More information: Zero-G