zplane vielklang

zplane development has announced an X-Mas offer for the LE edition of its vielklang instant harmony plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Four voiced choirs and brass sections in your DAW – just a mouse click away with vielklang Instant Harmony! vielklang Instant Harmony is a versatile vocal editing tool and harmony generator for musicians, songwriters and producers. It creates backing vocals and brass sections with up to four voices in a more musical way than traditional harmony processors. vielklang utilizes sophisticated voice-leading and harmony progression models to generate more natural and musical arrangements rather than producing plain parallel voicings. The piano-roll display allows complete control over every pitch of every voice.

vielklang LE features

  • Automatic generation of four-voiced choirs and brass sections.
  • Audio & MIDI harmonization.
  • Musical voicings by using voice-leading and harmony progression theory.
  • One-click modification of tempo, scale, and harmony.
  • Audio-To-Midi.
  • Highest quality with the élastique pitch shifting engine.

The vielklang LE plugin is available to purchase for $49 USD / 39 EUR until December 31, 2012.

More information: zplane.development