u-he launches Hive synth plugin preview + pre-order

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u-he has launched a preview version of its Hive synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

u-he Hive

We are taking the wraps off a new synth – Hive. What is Hive? Think sleek, low CPU use, “super” sounding synth with a streamlined workflow. We wanted to make a synth that was fast, fluid, light on CPU but still had a heavyweight sound.

There are lots of features packed into the single page interface to make your sound design quick and intuitive – drag and drop modulation, solo buttons, parameter linking and much more.

Hive is now available for download as a public beta. We are putting the finishing touches on Hive and this is your chance to give some feedback and help us get ready for release.

The public beta is available to download for Windows and Mac from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

Hive is available for purchase now for $99 USD ex VAT while it is in public beta (regular $149 USD ex VAT). The serial number works with both the beta version and the final released version.

More information: u-he / Hive


Plugin Boutique 12 Days of Christmas – 50% off FXpansion Maul

Plugin Boutique has launched a sale on Maul, offering the distortion effect plug-in by FXpansion at a 50% discount for a limited time.

50% off FXpansion Maul

FXpansion is proud to present Maul: a multi-band distortion and tone-shaping plugin with advanced modulation. Maul is suited to all music requiring powerful sound-sculpting abilities – everything from subtle warming and loudness generation to shredding distortion and experimental creative effects.

Maul features 3 separate drive stages, each of which can act on a different frequency range with any of 32 distortion types. The available algorithms include DCAM-modelled germanium diode, tube and transistor-based circuits, clippers, overdrives, waveshapers of various kinds and bit-crushing devices for digital distortion flavours. Each drive stage also features control over transient-shaping, saturation circuitry and additional post-process tone filtering.

The built-in TransMod modulation system allows you to animate Maul’s parameters with the internal LFOs, envelope follower and sample & hold devices as well as with external MIDI note input. This turns Maul into an extremely flexible device capable of dynamic filter patterns, rhythmic gating effects with extra bite, loudness and harmonic excitation effects and wild, dynamic distortion that can transform your audio.

Maul is available at 50% off from Plugin Boutique until December 31st, 2014.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Maul


Critical Vibrations releases Home PlaneT Electric Piano for Live

Critical Vibrations has announced the release of Home PlaneT Electric Piano, a free Ableton Live instrument.

Critical Vibrations Home PlaneT

These samples were graciously provided by Greg Sullivan, who sampled his own Pianet T in two velocity layers, which is more than enough since the T only exhibits a subtle sound change in its playing dynamics.

One interesting thing about the Pianet T is that it has a distinct release sound, from the action of the pads striking the reeds and then coming off them. Of course, the release samples are included in this instrument, and you can dial in your desired volume.

This Ableton version of the Hohner Pianet T, we’ve dubbed the Home PlaneT, since there are some spacey effects added, which can be controlled using Macro knobs.

The Live pack is a free download at Critical Vibrations.

More information: Critical Vibrations / Home PlaneT Electric Piano


Loopmasters launches 24-hour sale on Synth Presets packs

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Loopmasters has announced a 24-hour sale on its Synth Presets packs, offering a 45% discount on soundsets for Massive, Sylenth1, Z3TA, Reason, and more.

45% off Synth Presets

The sale ends December 30th, 2014.

More information: Loopmasters


Sonic Charge updates Microtonic, Synplant, Bitspeek and Permut8

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Sonic Charge

Sonic Charge has released updates for all of its AU/VST plug-ins.

The biggest news are Bitspeek 1.5 and Permut8 1.1. Bitspeek 1.5 comes with the improved audio engine that is used in the Rack Extensions version. This means a vastly improved volume envelope tracker and true support for stereo input / output. (“Legacy mode” is available for backwards compatibility or if you just want Bitspeek to sound worse.) We have also added the frequently requested dry / wet mix knob (with proper latency compensation) as well as the standard set of “convenience features” that you can find in most of our products (copy / paste, undo / redo etc). If you don’t own Bitspeek yet you can now try version 1.5 for three weeks with full functionality.

Permut8 1.1 is the first version of Permut8 that officially supports “alternative firmwares” (although preliminary support was there in version 1.0 already). Alternative firmwares expands the functionality of Permut8 with entirely new DSP algorithms that you load into Permut8 simply by opening a special file type. The firmware code runs in a virtual CPU that is completely isolated from your native processor and cannot crash your host. Furthermore the actual DSP code is stored in your song files, so you will never need to keep track of which version of which firmware you used for a particular project. It will just work. Forever. And it will always sound exactly the same.

A suite of alternative firmwares is available to download for registered customers (again free of charge) from our download page. Included firmwares are: Beatrick, Bender, BitBox, Mozaik, Reciter, Pong and RingMod.

Apart from this, Permut8 now supports undo / redo, bouncing to WAV file and much more.

Microtonic 3.1.1 and Synplant 1.2.1 are relatively minor updates. We have added a couple of buttons in the file browsers for easier navigation between factory and user presets. We have fixed a bunch of minor bugs and compatibility issues and they now include support for our new unified Sonic Charge Plug-in multi-installer.

The update is available to download for registered users.

Sonic Charge has also introduced the Sonic Charge Bundle, comprising all its plug-ins. The bundle is available for purchase for $222 USD (excl. VAT in Europe).

More information: Sonic Charge


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