50% off Icebreaker Audio Asian Bundle at VST Buzz

VST Buzz has launched a limited time sale on the Asian Bundle, a bundle comprising the Sanjo Gayageum Korean stringed instrument and Akebono Collection Japanese synthesizer Kontakt instrument libraries by Icebreaker Audio.

Icebreaker Audio Asian Bundle

The Sanjo Gayageum was meticulously sampled by Icebreaker Audio with over 1500 samples recorded at 24bit/48kHz quality, a minimum of 3 round robins per note and between 6 and 14 velocity layers per note. The simple and beautiful interface is easy to use allows you to mix between 2 microphone sources, meaning you’ll always get that perfect sound for your track.

The Akebono has a collection of 15 traditional instruments to choose from in a wide range of categories. Every instrument was sampled at 24bit / 48kHz with the original performance features emulated with custom scripts in Kontakt.

Asian Bundle features

  • 2 Kontakt libraries in one bundle.
  • Over 16 Kontakt Instruments included.
  • 1.56GB in size.
  • Beautiful sounding Asian instruments.
  • Sampled at 48k/24bit resolution with custom Kontakt scripts to create realism.
  • Perfect to add Asian influence to any track.

The Asian Bundle is available for purchase from VST Buzz for £25 GBP until September 23rd, 2014 (regular £50 GBP).

More information: VST Buzz / Asian Bundle


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