u-he launches Hive synth plugin preview + pre-order

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u-he has launched a preview version of its Hive synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

u-he Hive

We are taking the wraps off a new synth – Hive. What is Hive? Think sleek, low CPU use, “super” sounding synth with a streamlined workflow. We wanted to make a synth that was fast, fluid, light on CPU but still had a heavyweight sound.

There are lots of features packed into the single page interface to make your sound design quick and intuitive – drag and drop modulation, solo buttons, parameter linking and much more.

Hive is now available for download as a public beta. We are putting the finishing touches on Hive and this is your chance to give some feedback and help us get ready for release.

The public beta is available to download for Windows and Mac from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

Hive is available for purchase now for $99 USD ex VAT while it is in public beta (regular $149 USD ex VAT). The serial number works with both the beta version and the final released version.

More information: u-he / Hive


Versilian Studios releases Marimba & Etherealwinds Harp (free)

Versilian Studios has released Marimba and Etherealwinds Harp, two new instrument plugins and Kontakt sound libraries.

Versilian Studios Marimba

The Marimba is a relative of the xylophone, distinct for its large, typically semi-tubular resonators found underneath the keys, and larger range than its smaller counterpart. Its history is complex, having early origins in Africa and Central America, but it found a prominent home in the halls of America’s Vaudeville at the start of the 20th Century. The marimba is unique from many modern instruments in that its playing style is still evolving quite rapidly, with new applications and playing techniques coming forth every few years.

Marimba features

  • 4-6 RR, 3 velocity layers. Very dynamic sound.
  • 3 mixable mic positions: Main, Close, and Ribbon.
  • Pre-recorded rolls at different velocities.
  • Performance by professional mallets player.

The Marimba is available for purchase for $15 USD.

The Etherealwinds Harp features the sounds of a diatonic folk harp recorded by the Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds.

Versilian Studios Etherealwinds Harp

Folk/lever harps differ from their big orchestral brothers by having a smaller range, and additionally by the functionality of their tuning system. On a pedal harp, the orchestral staple, levers at the base, activated by foot, control all the notes of the same variety (so if you change C to C#, all the C’s are sharped). However, on lever harps, each note has an independent “sharping lever”, which can raise that particular note by a half step. This system only allows a halfstep of motion- each octave has to be sharpened if it is desired. In addition, the smaller body of the lever harp gives it a different overall tone than their big brothers.

Etherealwinds Harp features

  • Diatonically sampled, 2x RR, 3 velocity layers.
  • Celtic Lever/Folk Harp with a delicate, warm tone.
  • Full Decays Sampled.
  • Played and recorded by Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds.

The Etherealwinds Harp is available for download at no charge.

Versilian Studios has also released updated versions of Tubular Bells and Timpani, which resolve some issues, enhance the user interface, and add functionalities.

More information: Versilian Studios


Plugin Boutique 12 Days of Christmas – 70% off BDF Eco

Plugin Boutique has launched a limited time sale on BDF Eco, offering 70% off the drum instrument by FXpansion.

70% BDF Eco at Plugin Boutique

BFD Eco is a streamlined, fun and affordable software instrument for acoustic drums, based on the award-winning BFD2 engine. Supplied with a selection of the best BFD2 sounds, it can also be expanded with the wide range of FXpansion and 3rd-party add-ons.

The sale ends December 30th, 2014.

More information: Plugin Boutique / BDF Eco


Loopmasters launches 24-hour sale on vocals sample packs

Loopmasters is offering a 45% discount on vocals sample packs in a new 24-hour sale.

45% off Vocals packs

Our Loopmasters holiday sales are on!

Save 30% or more on hundreds of packs from a great selection of labels. Also, every 24 hours save 45% on Loopmasters packs in a different genre.

The sale ends December 27th, 2014.

More information: Loopmasters


Trance Techno Soundbanks releases Trance Lead Recreations for Dune CM/BE

Trance Lead Recreations

Trance Techno Soundbanks has released Trance Leads Recreations, a free soundset for the DUNE CM/BE synthesizer instrument from Synapse Audio.

Soundset is having 10 Recreations Construction kits modeled on already released famous trance tracks.
All recreation are divided into those which are to be identical with original tracks(8) and those ones which resemble original but sounds a bit different(2).
With those presets for Dune Be/CM you can make your own tracks using famous sounds. Idea is to recreate the sound, not copy a track.

Trance Lead Recreations features

  • 10 demo trance construction kits, presets for Dune CM/BE, Tal Dub2, TDR VOS Slick Eq, Tal Reverb II.
  • 10 ready demos templates which can be opened in 6 various DAWS: FL STUDIO, ABLETON LIVE, TRACTION, REAPER, SONAR X3 and X3 LE formats.
  • Free tutorial (Youtube).

The soundset is available for download at no charge.

Trance Techno Soundbanks has also launched a Christmas & New Year Promotion.

All soundbanks are 50% off regular price during promotion time, including also lower prices ‘All Packs’.
Prices are already set in promotion days. Promotion started in 23 December and ends in 3rd January.
From promotion are excluded: TTS Dune Cm/be Trance Recreations FULL and TTS Dune 2 Anthem 2000 Trance Soundpack.

More information: Techno Trance Soundbanks


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