Joseph Hollo releases free soundset for Hive

Hollo HiveFree

Joseph Hollo of Arte Nuovo has announced the release of Hollo HiveFree, a soundset for the Hive synthesizer by u-he.

I am surprised how this little, easy synth is capable of great, complex, alive, breathing sounds.

I made some clear, hard hitting Plucks, Bells, Glasses, (-even there is no FM yet.)
Soft, warm and bright, animated pads and some Sequences also.

I am very happy for the result, hope you’ll like it too.

Hollo HiveFree is available to download at no charge. The download includes 36 patches, and Cubase and MIDI files from the demo track.

More information: Hollo HiveFree


Prime Loops releases Total Drum & Bass Vol. 7

Prime Loops has launched Total Drum & Bass Vol. 7, a 524MB+ collection of heavy Jump Up drum and bass samples.

Total Samples Total Drum & Bass Vol. 7

Total Samples bring you the latest maverick in the rampant Total Drum & Bass series, and man is it a monster weighing in at well over 500mb!

Volume 7 is overflowing with highly detailed sound design, sick beats and mind-bending growls, all carefully compiled by a very in demand producer! Anyone after the sound of Noisia, Calyx & Teebee, Phace & Misanthrop and more need look no further as everything you need to make your own devastating D&B track is right here, royalty free as usual.

The pack is available for purchase for £17.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Total Drum & Bass Vol. 7


Futuresonus announces Parva polyphonic analog synth

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Futuresonus has announced Parva, a revolutionary new polyphonic analog synthesizer that combines the classic warmth of an all-analog signal chain with the modern convenience of digital control in an elegantly designed tabletop package.

Futuresonus Parva

“I designed Parva from the ground up with the intention of producing a completely new synth while still maintaining the character of the classics from the ‘70s and ‘80s,” said Futuresonus founder Brad Ferguson.

Each of Parva’s eight voices features three digitally-controlled analog oscillators, producing sawtooth, triangle, and PWM waveforms with extremely accurate pitch and rock-solid tuning stability. A pair of two-pole state-variable filters can be configured for a 12dB or 24dB low-pass or high-pass response, or split for bandpass or notch filtering. Four four-stage envelope generators and four multi-waveform low-frequency oscillators feed a flexible modulation matrix, allowing for virtually limitless sound design options.

Parva is the first analog synthesizer to feature a USB Master port, which enables the user to connect any class-compliant USB MIDI keyboard — or other controller — directly, without the need for a computer. Analog potentiometers provide immediate access to the most commonly used parameters, while the high visibility OLED displays on the front panel show additional settings, making it simple to dial in the perfect patch.

From the aluminum enclosure to the custom-machined aluminum knobs on sturdy panel- mounted potentiometers, Parva was designed with working musicians in mind, and built to last. Each unit will be hand-assembled in Austin, TX.

Parva is expected to ship in Summer 2015. Pre-orders will begin in February, with the standard polyphonic Parva retailing for under $1,000 USD. An expandable monophonic version will also be available for under $500 USD.

More information: Futuresonus


Review: eaReckon EARebound delay plugin

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Over the years I have collected a nice amount of delay plug-ins. My favorites include OhmBoyz, NastyDLA, ET-200, More Feedback Machine 2, Satin, ValhallaFreqEcho, RP-Delay, Sigmund, Timeless 2, Replika, … I’m probably forgetting some, but I guess it is clear I like my delays.

Some of these offer simple one-trick pony effects, others are capable of much more complex things.

The EARebound plug-in by eaReckon falls in the latter category.
It was originally designed to quickly create rhythm lines from percussive sounds recorded in various environments.

The idea behind EARebound was to create an effect featuring 15 delay lines and a workflow similar to the one provided by a good old drum machine. This tool had to offer 16 commutable and synchronized “steps”, with each of them being independently shaped and placed in space by a series of dedicated effects.

A confidential prototype was then born in 2011, offering 15 delay lines, a saturation module, two filters, a chorus and a positioning tool. This prototype was enough to create rhythm lines from any kind of recorded sounds within a couple of minutes. It was already lots of fun and saved time!

Further development of EARebound led to a solid multi-delay unit that excels in creating rhythm and spicing up your existing loops.

eaReckon EARebound

The interface of EARebound looks a bit like a groovebox/drum machine. The step sequencer in the bottom controls the input, 15 individual delay lines, and 1 global delay line.

The input can be muted and the fx applied to the source can be disabled as well. The steps in the sequencer have a solo button, and the global delay line can be set to either include or exclude the source input. The global line allows for looping the “sequencer pattern”. You can achieve some lovely creating special effects by using short delay times.

In the middle of the interface we find input & output controls on the left and right, with a handy section that lets you process low frequencies in various ways with stereo/multi-channel, split LF & pre/post parameters.

By clicking the edit button in the sequencer, you can set the effects for each of the delay lines (and the input). EARebound includes the following:

  • 7 saturation/distortion units
  • high-pass & low-pass filter
  • modulation line with 4 chorus/tremolo lines
  • level with feedback control
  • position X/Y pad for panning and multi-channel output control
  • and delay time with division multiplier (0-16x) and base division (up to 1/64 incl. dotted & triplet), and a knob to set the delay time manually.

All of these parameters can be adjusted from the main view, but if you want to see everything in one screen you can also use the mix view. This shows the effects applied to the input and 15 delay lines and you can modify parameters directly. In version 1.0.2 of EARebound, two Global Edit modes (same or relative value) were added, allowing you to edit parameters for all lines at the same time.

A third view shows a “Time Line” of delay times for the input and 15 delay lines. The circled points show output and feedback parameters, providing an intuitive overview of what’s going on exactly. Again, you can modify some parameters on the spot.

Other notable features include MIDI learn & control, a wonderful “Random” button (with optional parameter locks), and multiple stereo outputs, which allows the use of a 3rd party plug-in to process selected delay lines.

In the video below you can hear some of the presets on a simple melody done with u-he’s upcoming Hive synth.

So what do I think?

Product: EARebound by eaReckon
Format: VST/AU
Price: 99 EUR
Like: Deep & flexible, fun to use
Don’t like: —
Verdict: 9/10

Sometimes you want your delay effects quick and easy, other times you want to take it a step further and create something more deep and complex. EARebound does both, without ever getting complicated.

By including saturation & distortion models, filters and modulation options, EARebound is very flexible, offering much more than simple delay effects. The interface is very intuitive and a joy to work with.

Features like the alternate views, low frequency splitting and a “Random” knob that produces useful results show that some good thought was put into this plug-in.

In short, if you want a delay effect that offers both ease of use and extensive control, EARebound is definitely worth checking out.

More information: eaReckon / EARebound


Raw Loops releases Old School Elements sample pack

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Raw Loops has announced the release of Old School Elements, a collection of 250+ loops.

Raw Loops Old School Elements

Tech House to Techno from its Finest hour. This cutting edge modern vintage fusion combines the best of the old and new world of underground music. 529.7 MBs of straight up heavy beats, synths, bass’, and more.

Old School Elements sample pack is a no non-sense sound design dream, with unique synths, powerful drums, trippy fx, for that all out cut-throat sound. All from the hardware analog world dive into bass, tops, synths, vocals, fx, percs & more. This pack is for the real musicians by the real musicians.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $25.99 USD.

More information: Raw Loops / Old School Elements


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