Artifake_labs releases Meltron

Artifake_labs Meltron

Artifake_labs has released Meltron, a freeware VST plugin which recreates the sound of the Mellotron.

Meltron features

  • Four voice types : Strings, Choir, Flute, Brass
  • Attack, Release, Pan, Octave, Pitch, Tone & Master volume parameters
  • “Tape noise” knob to simulate tape hiss
  • Tape delay effect (Amount, Time, Feedback & Pan parameters)
  • High quality samples
  • Very low CPU load

Meltron is a sample based plugin (10.4 MB), available for Windows PC.

Visit Artifake_labs for more information and a link to download Meltron.

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  • Here’s a little Meltron loop (2.73 MB, 24-bit .wav).
    It’s the Strings with a bit of tape noise and tape delay.

  • eDrummist

    The Artifake website is no longer operational. Is there any way to get this plugin?

  • You can still get it from Mediafire:

  • Michael

    Can anyone tell me as a complete numb
    skull what keyboard and other software do
    I need to use the melatron plug in freeware
    software, cheap as possible.
    Thanks people

  • Hi Michael,
    You could use a free host like Cantabile Lite, or VSTHost.

    Or use demo version of software like Reaper, or FL studio (the demo won’t allow you to save your project though).

  • Michael

    Hi Ronnie
    I am probaly barking up the wrong street,
    but I want to be advised how to use the melatron software as an instrument ie playable
    on a key board.
    Can you suggest what I need please if this is

  • Michael, I’ll send you an email.

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