AuraPlug releases AmpFire

AuraPlug AmpFire

AuraPlug has released AmpFire, a special VST effect designed for metal guitar players.

AmpFire is a preamplifier, distortion, power amplifier and speaker cabinet simulator in one. AmpFire does not contain effects (except for an input Noise gate). We focused on guitar-sound and low CPU usage when designing AmpFire.

AmpFire features

  • Built-in Noise Gate
  • 13 Preamp/Distortion model
  • 4 Clean Amp Model
  • Acoustic Guitar simulation
  • 8 Distortion model
  • 3 band equalizer for every Preamp/Distortion model
  • 38 Amp/Cabinet model
  • Bass, Treble control
  • Loudness control
  • Separate Preset Manager
  • Over 80 Preset
  • Easy to use
  • Low CPU usage

AmpFire is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC for an introductory price of 33 EUR until October 31st 2008 (regular price is 40 EUR).

Visit AuraPlug for more information and audio demos.

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