Digit_AL releases Werk V 2.0

Digit_AL Werk V 2.0

Digit_AL has released version 2.0 of Werk V, a freeware VSTi suitable for bass sounds.


  • 5 waveforms (Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, Sine)
  • Suboscillator (+ octave)
  • 12/24db filter
  • ADSR for Osc & filter

Werk V is a simple VSTi created in SynthEdit, but has a nice rich sound and it looks really sweet.

Be sure to check out Digit_AL’s other VST plug-ins as well.

Visit Digit_AL for more information.

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  • BFunkaU

    Ahhh None of your download links work??? I want the Digit AL Werk V VSTi very much!!!:]

  • BFunkaU, the original download link works fine for me at the moment. Maybe it was temp down.

    If you’re still having trouble download from Digit_AL’s site you can try here: Werk V 2.0.

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