Elektrostudio releases Analog Pack

Elektrostudio Analog Pack

Elektrostudio has released Analog Pack, a collection of 10 freeware VST instruments for Windows PC.

The Analog Pack Eight includes emulations of 8 classic synthesizers, a drum machine and a rhythm box.

Analog Pack features

There’s not much (or any really) information on the Elektrostudio website, so please leave a comment if you know more about these. The developer wrote something in this forum post, perhaps someone can translate it?

The download is an executable which includes the .dll plug-ins and standalone versions. If you rather just download the .dll’s you can get them here (RapidShare) and here (FileFactory) (20/05: links removed).

Visit Elektrostudio for a link to download the original Analog Pack.

Producers Choice
  • Seppe
  • Wojtek


    The guy says that he has been working on those vst’s for four years now. For some time he was selling this vst pack on polish auction website which was doing well. The problem was going legal with it. At some point he got fed up with biurocracy and distributors as he could not set up an aggreement that would allow him to focus more on developing his products than being in constant struggle to move forward with business (just to let you know he was doing all of that part-time as his main income is being a studio engineer). In the mean time his website on which you could have bought his vst’s got hacked so he was unable to do business as before (used to be elektrostudio.com). That is why he moved to free hosting and eventually you can get those brilliant plugins for free now…

    There is an email on his website so at least all of us who like this product can thank him by sending good words.


  • Thanks Seppe for the link and Wojtek for translating. I figured something like that from what Google Translate told me but you did a much better job ^_^

    What a sad story, hopefully he will be able to accept some donations or something. It seems a lot of people are liking these a lot.

  • Bluelight

    Great plugs!

  • survei

    Well they look cool. Are they made with SynthEdit? (unfortunately SynthEdit synths don’t work on my computer).

  • They seem to have some SynthEdit components indeed. Not sure if it was only used for the GUI or if it also uses SE audio modules.

  • The developer wrote this at KVR:

    Hello Everyone.

    Pack is legal, for commercial or uncommercial use.
    without viruses, and any other.

    The programs are built in synthedit, with my c++ modules,
    and 3 external modules by: Midi CtrlMeister1and2 by David Haupt,
    and Phaser by DAV Christian Budde.
    These three modules in my project called ..*ext.sem (external).
    I can change it at any time. The rest is my.
    Information about analog pack, technology, licences, credits, etc. you will
    find on my webside, perhaps in a few next days cose currently I do not have to much time.
    I think that ultimately my programs will be available from other
    location and I will be able to forget about them. (At the end of )
    For some of my plugins was the novelty, but they work longer
    1.5 years ago. Only I could not give or sell them.

    On my “rich website” is new link to file without installer (virus;).
    Just dll’s, minihosts prg, and license text in zip.

    Thanks a lot for donation propouse, but this may be another complication for me.
    I do not want this, but thx again.
    I want to share this programs completely free.
    THX for your kind words and opinions!
    Best Regards
    and Best Wishes

    ..i know it’s not a perfect instruments, with bugs, but free, and can by usefull.
    sorry 4 my engleze

  • VST Cafe has taken over development of these plug-ins. I’ve removed the links to downloads as requested by Grzegorz @ VST Cafe.

    The plug-ins should be available (and bugfixed) again soon.

    More info here: http://www.vstcafe.com/2009/05/elektrostudio-analog-pack-annoucement.html

  • Thanks Ronnie :)

    Sorry guys, I don’t want to sound like a bad guy removing links ;) It’s just, I received some signals about bugs. One bug creates some heavy distorted noise on some configurations – it seems very rare but I need to check it.

    Sure, if you’ve used elektrostudio plugin for , let’s say an hour, and it didnt cause any distrortion then it’ll work fine with your DAW. But there are some configurations that seem to cause problems for elektrostudio plugins (for example 1-2 people using Tracktion2 host reported bugs). So, if you’re running this plugins for the first time on your daw – lower your speakers volume.

    Probably I’ll be release this plugins one by one – it’s just easier to support one plugin at once rather than ten, also bug reports are more specific because they’re related with just one plugin, not ten plugins ;) Who knows, maybe release plugins will be not only hotfixed but also will have some additional functionality or presets :)

    Thanks again Ronnie for understanding.

  • Hi Grzegorz!

    This pack is really amazing! at last a real analog emulation!

    Very thanks for effort! maybe… soon can create a Jupia4 or Pro-One-V? I love the first sounds made by Vince Clarke.

    Thanks again!!

  • Ted H

    The instruments in Elektrostudio’s Analog Pack are outstanding!!! It’s unfortunate that the developer of these sounds was not able to realize a profit from his work. But to his credit he has graciously decided to share these plugins for all musicians as a free download, rather than burying them. The original developer has the updated version of this software on the site listed here. His updated VSTi collection has the marking ‘Elektrostudio Original’ at the top of each instrument. Please visit his site listed below to download this pack and send him an email thanking him for this gift


  • Randy

    Wow,These are free…
    These seem to be very useful,,Everything you need to make a composition is included in here..It’s light on cpu and the software is very simple and easy to use..An excellent example of no nonsense tools..I’m a beginner and I highly recommend anyone to start here first…Master these tools before paying for anything.Or even stealing anything..
    If you hear sounds from the vsti’s that require a purchase and you don’t hear them on elektrostudio..Then all you have to do is add some arpeggiators,gating effects,delays,modulation and other effects to get those high dollar features.Guilt free.. I’m able to create many of the same sounds as the high dollar stuff just by adding some vst effects and using a midi controller for swells and what not..It’s awesome and I appreciate it..
    I still feel a bit guilty here because The creator needs to be compensated with donations for sure..

  • Scott

    Here’s a song I did with these vsti – and some delays and reverbs not in the 10 pack


  • Great tune, Scott. These are some outstanding free plug-ins.

  • Thanks Ronnie for those ones.

    If you want to hear some of your machins working, I’ve used on some tracks…

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