Alterex [modded] ViCON

Alterex has released [modded] ViCON, a modified version of the freeware ViCON virtual monophonic analogue synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Changes in [modded] ViCON

  • Oscillators
    • XMOD, The frequency of the selected oscillator is modulated by the output of the other oscillator (modulator) – resulting in complex overtones. This knob determines the cross-modulation depth.
    • XLFO, Adjusts the amount of LFO modulation for the cross-modulation.
    • PWM, This knob determines the amount of LFO modulation for the pulse width of the square oscillator. When the saw-tooth is selected this knob has no function.
  • Audio
    • DRIVE, By turning the (over)drive knob the signal output of the oscillator is multiplied by 1,66 before it reaches the filter input.
    • DIST., Determines the amount of (dist)ortion applied to the output of the VCA audio signal.
    • CRUSH, This knob determines the amount of bit reduction to the audio signal.
  • LFO
    • DELAY Controls the amount of time that will elapse after the beginning of a new note before the LFO’s amplitude rises.

The original ViCON has been updated to version 1.61, fixing a few bugs (LFO) and adding velocity sensitivity.