Goldbaby Productions releases When Alien Drum Robots Attack!

Goldbaby When Alien Drum Robots Attack!

Goldbaby Productions has released When Alien Drum Robots Attack!, a new drum sample library.

They have come for our drum machines. They will impregnate them with their Alien technology. No one is safe. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Ok enough B Grade Sci Fi references…

Think of this as a drum tool kit with plenty of production ready sounds… plus all you need to create and customise your own.

When Alien Drum Robots Attack! features

  • 1,516 x 24 bit samples.
  • 60 x Rex loops (can be used in programs like Guru, Logic, Cubase, Phatmatic Pro, Dr Rex, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, etc.).
  • 40 x Battery 3 Kits.
  • 40 x Guru Bundles.
  • 65 x EXS-24 Patches (can be imported into many different software samplers, including Kontakt, Ableton Live Sampler, HALion, and more).
  • Included in this product is also an 808 and 909 given the UBK Fatso treatment.
  • Multi-format: Battery 3, Guru, EXS-24, and Wav pack.

When Alien Drum Robots Attack! is available to purchase for $39 USD.

More information: Goldbaby Productions / When Alien Drum Robots Attack!

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  • The thing about Goldbaby is the unique character of all his releases…in a line-up you can always pick the Goldbaby sets by the ‘phat’ factor that is shared across all his work as a true boutique producer’s signature sound.

    Up until now, his ‘themes’ have been generally focused in on particular equipment/box combos or sub-genres…going with the larger conceptual ‘Alien Robot Drums Attack!’ on this one promises to be more of a wide angle shot of his one of a kind studio set-up and approach…can’t wait to download :D

  • I’ve gave it a little spin already, real nice stuff.

    Btw, Hugo has also released a free sample pack:

    I have some FX samples left over from the latest product. So I thought I would give them away. They have been converted to the FLAC audio codec to save space. A text file with instructions on how to convert to wav files is included.

    Download them here:

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