Jonathan Schmid Burgk releases VisualVox polyphonic v0.9

Jonathan Schmid Burgk VisualVox polyphonic

Jonathan Schmid Burgk has released version 0.9 of VisualVox polyphonic, a polyphonic tone manipulation software.

The dream of musicians to isolate single notes out of chords and so to manipulate most forms of recorded audio has come true on the 20th of January 2009.

VisualVox polyphonic applications

  • Change chords or single wrong notes in polyphonic recordings
    • To fit pieces into your composition that otherwise would not have been accessible due to their key.
    • To creatively play around with recorded audio like with a midi instrument – it will play your musical ideas by a click but it still sounds like the real instrument.
  • Isolate the natural harmonics of instruments, manipulate them, take your instruments under the magnification glasses to understand their sound.
  • Create real sounding harmonizations, i.e. make chords out of monophonic parts of audio.
  • Correct intonation problems of any instrument or voice while keeping the formants as they are.
    Create artificial vibrato, stretch the formants, rearrange melodies, draw frequency curves with your mouse to access monophonic and polyphonic audio in a way it has never been possible before.

Version 0.9 of VisualVox polyphonic costs 25 Euros, as the software still has some limitations:

  • It creates very big temporary files.
  • It sometimes misses a note or recognizes a harmonic as an independent note, which can be avoided by optimizing 3 accessible algorithm prameters.
  • It plays back synchronously to the VST host software but the audio start time can not be moved to position x, so one should in most cases export the manipulated audio as a wav file.
  • Only availible as a MAC VST plugin so far.
  • Still contains some bugs.

The final version 1.0 will cost 99 EUR with the upgrade from v0.9 being 50 EUR (Ex. VAT if applicable).

Visit Jonathan Schmid Burgk for more information.

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  • Ascerbic

    What a dick, charging for his beta release crappola. We shouldn’t be paying him, he should be paying us for the QA work.

  • Well, it’s not like all major v1.0 releases are always bug free or incomplete.

    I think Jonathan is doing the right thing here, offering a discounted version and an opportunity for his audience to have a say in what v1.0 should look like. It’s not like you have to buy it…

    Of course he could also have waited until the limitations/problems he lists are resolved, but hey… sometimes a developer simply needs a hand in figuring out what people actually find important for a particular product. Or perhaps he’s just antsy to get his work out, who knows.

  • Ascerbic

    no, he’s NOT doing the right thing. it’s never a good idea to release bug-infested beta code, no matter what. it just makes you look incompetent, cheap, and with no respect for your customers.

    yeah, he’s antsy, he just wanted to beat the release of melodyne DNA, but releasing beta code is hardly worthy of the claim. look what celemony is doing: they’re taking the extra time to get it right. it’s probably going to be about a year since they first announced DNA to its actual release, no half-assed releases for them just so they can be the “first.” this crap reminds me of blogs, like, where these morons just love to be the first post in a thread, but all they write is, “first post.” rather lame.

    there’s enough software out there, released by established companies, with v1.0+ numbers but is just a hatchet job. it just makes me angry. and that kills any goodwill they’ve established before and in the future. you really want to go there? unbelievable. but greed trumps all. well, guess what, i’m not supporting your greed. screw you. release your product when it’s ready, and not one minute before. people need to stand up for themselves and demand value for their money so these kind of abuses are no longer the norm.

  • Bug-infested beta code? I think you’re being a bit harsh here.

    This first version of VisualVox polyphonic costs only 25 Euros as being a student and not a big company I still need your suggestions to remove one or another inconvenience.

    Jonathan shows respect to his customers by explaining exactly what you’re buying here.

    I think what he is looking for here is customer input. No need to work on this “It creates very big temporary files” problem if people don’t care…

    I do agree that he should have waited with the release until he fixed the “Still contains some bugs” issue.

  • Beatman

    It could also be a form of beta testing?

    I tried the freeware visual vox before and couldn’t get into it. The UI, leaves something to be desired because it’s not very intuitive to use.

    We should support these developers that often release freeware before they offer payware. There’s no need to be offensive towards them when you have a choice to use their product or not!

  • Drumby

    “Bug-infested beta code? I think you’re being a bit harsh here.”

    That is 100% accurate, because it is a self-admitted beta release and also contains self-admitted bugs. How is that harsh? Ameliorating the issue just makes you look like a suckup and a tool.

    “Jonathan shows respect to his customers by explaining exactly what you’re buying here.”

    LOL. How is telling someone that you’re selling them junk a “respect” to them? It’s the ultimate in disrespect. If you’re going to glad-bag that hypocrisy, then why don’t we just bring back apartheid too? “Hey, you get water, just not out of that fountain.”

  • @drumby: I don’t think “Still contains some bugs” = bug-infested beta code. How can anyone make that equation without actually using this beta anyway.

    Why do you need to call this software junk just because the developer notes there are still some bugs in it.

    Are Spectrasonincs Omnisphere, NI Kontakt, Ableton Live all junk? Cause they’ve been sold with bugs in them. v1.0+ even…

    Jonathan is upfront about the issue, so you can decide to think he’s out of his wits and pass up on getting his software. Clear, simple.

    Think he’s doing things all wrong? Fine, let HIM know. He has an email you can reach him at on his website.

    About the apartheid comment, that’s just plain offensive. What are you thinking comparing this issue with a system of racial segregation.

  • Beatoffman

    >There’s no need to be offensive towards them when you have a choice to use their product or not!

    Yes! Let’s not disrupt anyone’s peace of mind, ever. Let’s just go along with their bullshit, no matter how offensive, because, you know, it might hurt their itty bitty fweeeelings. And we can’t have that, now can we! So I’m just going to put my fingers in my ears and pretend I didn’t hear what you said. la la laaaa lala la.

    How are the developers feelings more important than the customers? The customer can be slighted in every way imaginable and never have the right to complain? Yet the developer can slight the customer is any way he sees fit, and never hear a discouraging word? Thanks for your fascist views, uncle Tom.

    But how is anyone supposed to learn if they get no negative feedback? What we end up with is a world of George Bush clones who feel justified to run roughshod over others without so much a single twinge of guilt or conscience. Negative feedback is good, and the harsher the better, since it disrupts the status quo and changes things for the better. I’m sure that your delicate fragile porcelain emotional makeup likes to think always of peace and love, except, of course, when you’re busy trying to silence and oppress the opinions of others.

  • @Beatoffman: Like I said, take it to the man himself. How is your negative feedback here going to help Jonathan learn anything?

    And how did you turn freedom of choice into fascism?! What’s up with you guys??

  • Beatman

    @B.O.M… For starters, I give feedback to a number of these independent developers as well as commercial ones. I often get quick responses and solutions because: (1) I contact them directly. (2) Because I don’t use needless anger towards them especially when it’s freeware.

    A few developers have actually sent me exclusive unreleased plugins as well as incorporated some of my ideas into their plugs. I have found a lot of these guys to be pretty cool and down to earth when you give them common courtesy.

    I had an issue with the driver installation of a Presonus audio device because it did things I felt it shouldn’t be doing without permission!

    I contacted Presonus about my concerns and got a speedy response. They released new drivers within 3 weeks that eliminated the previous bogus installation. I’m now satisfied! I don’t stand for bs from companies when they “F” me over by not addressing issues with their product. But I only have that sort of anger when it’s warranted. It’s not my FIRST choice!

    Most companies release buggy software. Cakewalk for example, always include an rtf file
    with every release of Sonar that addresses “KNOWN ISSUES” with their program. This doesn’t stop them from charging $500 for it.

    As far as the uncle tom comment… is DRUMBY, your uncle?

    Usually when a lame is this angry and aggressive for no obvious reason, its because he doesn’t have a woman and have pent-up frustrations from not getting any azz! Judging by his level of ass-hole-ism… I’d say this guy hasn’t seen any pussy since coming out of his mama’s!

  • Jason A. McCall

    Option A – Harsh Criticsm:
    Well dear “Beatoffman,” do please provide us with some contact information for your parents, that we might inundate them, in the harshest possible terms, with the negative criticism they sorely deserve for providing you with, literally, no sense of diplomacy or decency toward other people. One can only applaud with laughable levels of sarcasm the magnificent failure of your upbringing. I do hope you are an only child, as it would be beyond our conception of immorality for these people, who are apparently so incapable of producing progeny with the ability to conduct themselves in a civil manner in web blog comment boxes, to reproduce more. I would spit in each their faces for failing humanity so thoroughly in their most undesirable procreation. In fact, it is offensive–no, I dare say even vulgar–to think that whole lineages and family lines were squandered to provide you with life–you who are such an arrogant and seemingly unredeemable creature; you, who demonstrates most profoundly the worst colors of cowardice with all your insiginificant sound and fury that you shout from behind your lazy monikers; you, who walks upon the intellectual crutch of non-sequitors; you, who speaks so boldly of dispensing harsh criticisms but who probably has not the courage or stomach to receive it; you, who dons the veil of asbercism and virulence, who pretends of superiority to misdirect from your inferiorities: go back, I say, go back into the foul womb from whence thou camest; go back, and undo yourself into a soup of semen and vaginal waste, that your mother might have one more chance to do the better thing, and leak you out into a toilet to create something far more useful and productive from the reclamation.

    Option B – Constructive Criticism:
    Hey Beatoffman, you seem really passionate about the relationship you feel developers should have with the end users of their products, and that’s great–in a world where true personal contact is becoming less and less present, it is important to maintain avenues of communication between the people who make a product and the people who use that product. It does seems though that a lot of your criticism is less concerned with actually improving the product, experience or methods involvded in creation, and more concerned with simply acting belligerent and hostile. Harshness in criticism works much like harshness in music–at very first it can be a dramatic effect–but if it’s constant, it quickly wears out, gets boring, and the music gets shut off. Perhaps once or twice you can get away with playing the angry jerk, but eventually the people you supposedly aim to “help” by being harsh will get tired of the act and simply ignore you. I think the trouble is that, for one, you confuse harshness with honesty and sincerity–if you are honest and sincere in your concerns about the faults you find with someone’s product, and present those concerns in a firm but respectful manner, odds are the person will respect your opinion more than if you simply called them names; secondly, it seems that you don’t really trust people to listen to and respond to constructive criticism anyway–which only further intensifies the adversarial relationship you seem to desire with them. Third, you also tend to try to confuse issues by throwing non-sequitors (fascism/Uncle Tom?) around in your arguments, probably to avoid facing that your arguments themselves are not very strong. Again, it only serves to make people pay less attention to what you have to say, as it makes you appear more intent on being adversarial than constructive. You might consider enrolling in a public speaking/debate class at your local community college to help you express your ideas in a more relevant and productive manner. Because it’s wonderful you’re so enthusiatic–but you a shame your enthusiasm is spent so negatively.

    (I vote for Option B)

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  • robb

    not sure what you guys are going on about but I can report that this plug seems to not work at all in Live 7 on OS X. So I would avoid if that is your config.

  • Thanks for the heads up Robb, I hope Jonathan will be able to fix that.
    Were you able to test it in any other host?

  • Please_Stop

    Jason and beatoffman are the same troll posting under both nyms, having an argument with himself because he’s starved for attention.

  • Jason A. McCall


    Huh. I wish you’d been around two weeks ago or so, to let me know about this before I spent all that time writing the comment…

    Well, good job there, I guess. Case solved. You’ve proven yourself to be quite a capable sleuth. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those kids and that pesky dog. And just never you mind, just never you mind! that our style, diction, sentence structure, rhythm and usage of punctuation show notable differences–differences which would be difficult (though I will concede not impossible) to fake under normal circumstances.

    Ha, whatever. You believe what you like to believe and if you don’t agree with my opinions or the style with which I choose to express those opinions, or anyone else’s for that matter, you’re more than welcome to simply ignore them and move on. But thank you for the attention, I appreciate it.

  • @Jason: sorry about all this trolling. I don’t know what’s up with these people.

    Anyone actually got this VisualVox polyphonic running? That’s what I’d like to know.

  • Ben

    Bottom line is, this software is weak at best. I had an uncompressed cello/viola duo I was trying to separate – just sounds like he EQs (read: tries to) one of the voices out.

    Its not usable as a once voice pitch manipulator let alone a polyphonic melodyne DNA competitor.

    Take it from someone who wasted money on this product. A pretty shabby release, even for a beta. (I’ve also never ever heard of people having to pay to test a beta… thats bullcrap)

  • What a shame it’s not working well… Thanks for sharing your experience Ben.

  • Lorencopes

    Where is admin?!
    Thank for all

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