McDSP releases Retro Recorder

McDSP Retro Recorder

McDSP has released Retro Recorder, an enhanced audio recording iPhone application.

Put some fun back into audio recording with Retro Recorder by McDSP. The highly stylized yet simple interface makes recording easy on any iPhone. Patent pending Audio Level eXtension (ALX) technology improves recording quality beyond the capability of hand held recorders costing many times more. Even without an external microphone, Retro Recorder can capture detail other recorders cannot – up to 32 times more signal level.

Retro Recorder features

  • Up to 30 dB (32 x) more signal level with ALX technology.
  • Audition ALX processing instantly during playback, the original recording is preserved.
  • Export original recordings or ALX enhanced versions in WAV format.
  • Wi-Fi download page allows downloading to any Mac or PC with most web browsers.
  • Batch rename, delete, and export makes organizing a snap.
  • User interface rotates 180 degrees for better iPhone microphone orientation when recording.
  • External microphone support.
  • Record short ideas or lengthy meetings for hours, even in sleep mode.
  • Pause, fast forward, or rewind signals during playback.
  • Filter list of recordings by keyword to find your recording fast.
  • Recorder page allows quick review of last clip recorded, great for level checks.
  • Supports mono signals only, up to 22,050 Hz sample rate.
  • Developed and supported by a professional audio company with over ten years experience.

Retro Recorder is available from the iTunes App Store for $2.99 USD.

Visit the Retro Recorder website for more information.

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  • Retro Recorder is all about being able to actually hear what you’ve recorded. To that end, McDSP is holding an audio clip contest.

    Send us an audio clip recorded with Retro Recorder. If we use it on our web site, we’ll give you a $25 gift card for the Apple iTunes store. If you also write a review for Retro Recorder and we select your submission, we’ll increase the gift card value to $50.

    More information can be found at

  • Ronnie and Colin, this looks nifty — now I’m tempted to choose a mic for my iPod Touch… suggestions? :)

  • @Torley, I haven’t used any of these myself and I’m not sure what kind of mic you’re looking for but this one seems like a quality one:

    It’s a bit bulky perhaps… This one seems popular as well:

  • Thanks Ronnie! The Mikey samples sound clearer than I expected. Interesting.

  • Ronnie, Torley,

    yep, the Mikey is dandy. Check out how the ALX processing works in Retro Recorder with these external mics – the results are pretty darn good!

  • Howdy all again,

    Recently I was asked if the ALX feature on Retro Recorder was similar to the digital photo zoom in features in iPhone apps like Camera Genius and Camera Zoom-In.

    In a word, YES !!!!

    With ALX, Retro Recorder is the only iPhone recorder app that offers a distortion free audio zoom in (level maximization) capability. You can still export your original and/or ALX-processed recordings to your Mac (ok a PC too).

    So ALX is like a volume control? Nope. A simple volume control could cause the audio to clip, creating so much distortion the recording would be useless. ALX uses patent pending techniques to turn up the quiet stuff and balance it out with the loud stuff.

    So, in my completely biased opinion, Retro Recorder is perfect for field recordings, interviews, dictations, your kids first words, and even music.

    You can find out more about Retro Recorder at


    Colin McDowell

  • Howdy all,

    Retro Recorder has been on sale for a few weeks, but the sale is ending Sept 8th. We’re about to release a version that has mono and stereo recording capability, and supports multiple recording quality modes – medium quality (MQ / 22050 Hz sample rate), and high quality (HQ / 44100 Hz sample rate).

    There are a couple of other cool updates to it as well.

    If you have been considering Retro Recorder, the $1.99 price is going to around through Sept 8th. After that, we’re bumping it back up to $2.99 or $3.99.

    Now you know!


  • Howdy all again,

    the latest version of Retro Recorder is now available at the app store. Stereo recording, multiple recording quality modes, and some other good tweaks.

    A free update to those that already own Retro Recorder. For the rest of you – well, its still only $2.99 for the time being!


  • Nice one Colin, I’ll be sure to post on the update tomorrow.

  • Howdy again,

    the marketing department had some fun creating some Retro Recorder ‘trailers’. Check them out on youtube…

    …thanks for watching!


  • Howdy iPhone app craving folks everywhere!!

    Just wanted to say thanks for making Retro Recorder the #3 business app in the app store as of this morning !!!!


  • Cynthia

    I’m about to take a deposition with my iPhone tomorrow. My digital recorder is lost somewhere in the house. It dawned on me that my iPhone would probably record it for me. Sure enough, I’ve downloaded Retro Recorder and when I tested it it was amazing! I could hear so much better on it than on my Olympass digital recorder. I’m worried about getting the file into a format, though, whereby I can listen to it with my DSS software so that I can play it back using my foot pedal for transcription purposes. Exporting audio files is never easy (for me). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Howdy,

    sorry for the late response – we were at the NAMM trade show!

    If you have questions about using Retro Recorder, check out this FAQ link…

    …and if you have further questions there is an email the Retro Recorder web site for you to contact us directly.

    Also – if would be so kind as to write a review about Retro Recorder on the Apple store that would be great – seems many folks want to know others’ experiences with iPhone apps.


    Colin McDowell

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