Michael Jackson dies at 50 (1958-2009)

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

“Bad news about Michael Jackson, more after the break”.

I didn’t get more than that last night, as I shut the TV before finding out what exactly this bad news was…

From CNN.com:

Pop icon Michael Jackson died Thursday after being rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Jackson, 50, was taken from his Los Angeles home to UCLA Medical Center where doctors worked for more than an hour to try to resuscitate him, his brother Jermaine Jackson said. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

Now I am in my early thirties, so I was a teenager at the time the songs from Thriller and Bad were broadcast on the radio and TV. I remember how “cool” Jackson used to be. A proper pop icon. Everyone knew his songs like Beat it, Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean.

I wonder if the kids of today will think back of the music they like now, as I do about Michael Jackson’s work of the 80’s.

Things have changed over the years. For me, for Michael, and for pop music in general. We used to have pop stars, now we have pop acts — which generally don’t even last longer than 2 years. Kids’ attention span has changed… the music industry cares more about profit than music… how exciting is it to buy a track from the iTunes store anyway? Cold digital bits and bytes.

Anyway, check Michael’s Wikipedia page for more info on the life and music of the King of Pop.

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  • Cheddar Man

    The days of the true Pop star is nearing an end. Micheal Jackson, is the blue print of current times as well as Madonna.

    I feel sorry for generation X, because the sort of crap that’s currently made is far from being timeless music to reflect back on. Music from the 60’s – 80’s will always be around and cherished, because it’s music with a virtual soul.

    Many producers and artist always tap into these particular decades to make a lot of current tracks and songs. Hiphop was born from sampling actual musicians. James Brown and the JB sound, was the basis or foundation for a lot of rap music.

    Even this current heavy 808 drum based rap tracks are based on 80’s rap music Artist, like Afrika bambaataa, with songs like Planet rock and searching for the perfect beat, etc…

    This is where producers like, Mannie Fresh & Lil Jon got their drum style from. They simply slowed down the tempo of the original style.

    A lot of current acts were inspired by artist like Michael, Janet Jackson, James Brown, Madonna, just to name a few, and these Icons were inspired by folks before them. Of course James Brown was inspiration for Michael.

    As far as digital music goes, it’s the technology of the times. I can remember the excitement of going to the record store to purchase Lp’s when I use to Dj house music in the 80’s.

    How exciting is it to shop for CD’s? The age of records & tape is gone. I certainly don’t miss the rw & ff buttons of tape players. And hauling a bunch of CD’s around when you can have so many songs on a memory stick isn’t exciting either. My car stereo accepts memory sticks and can play .wma, .wav, mp3, AIFF, and ogg files. But I known what you mean!

    With all the greats dying off, what will be be left with but their legacy of music?

  • Adel A.R. Jamal

    I’d love to say that Michael Jackson formed a big part of my love for music.

    From the funk, to the electronic … and the sound he came up by blending pop & metal as well.

    WHAT AN ARTIST ! And what an influence to us all, spanning the genres & generations.

    Here is what we contributed in the name of Michael Jackson as “Los Colombeechez” before we became DiscaL with a funky/filtered houser called “Brandy & Coke”:

    Thanks Rekkerd for starting this thread!

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