mimu.eu releases mnml_bslns


mimu.eu has released mnml_bslns, a collection of free mid/bazz/glitch-loops.

mnml_bslns features

  • 174 unique, stack’able analogue-digital-circuitbent and glitch’d bass/mid-loops.
  • 124MB archive containing 7 folders:
    1. my broken roland tb303 (23 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    2. lofi loops (09 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    3. smack by glitch up (21 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    4. circuit bent noize machine (36 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    5. raw & dirtey (24 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    6. lo- to mid- to high-frequenced digital/analog sqs (33 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    7. mini-minimal (28. wav-loops, 122bpm).

The download is free but the actual file is password protected to avoid unauthorized distribution. You can obtain the password by leaving a comment on mimu.eu blog post or by donating some cash.

Visit mimu.eu for more information and audio demos.

  • cool. checking that out. thanks

  • john g

    Great collection fair do’s. If I had money I’d donate but I’m a broke student. Could you please give me a password?


  • reverend flashback

    hi folks.. u are doing good work.. techno rulez..i love the state of quality,electronic music has reached in the last ten years..the biggest musical movement ever..never been thinking about it goin so far out.. keeprockin´.. ahmm.. could u please give me the pass for the rar file??best for all the files.. jesus loves u..

  • Sorry guys, you’ll actually have to leave a comment on the mimu.eu blog, which is here: http://mimu.eu/?p=28

    I’ll rephrase my post to avoid confusion…