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I like to make music in my spare time. It is a bit hard to describe the style of my work so just have a listen and see if there’s something you like.

Recent tracks are available from the SoundCloud player, older ones can also be downloaded from the list below.

All songs on this page are currently available to download at no cost, free for personal, non-commercial use. If you enjoy my music you can show your appreciation by donating.

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Download tracks
blend4.24 min / 2012.01 taped3.48 min / 2011.11
shores4.50 min / 2011.09 embrace5.04 min / 2011.07
window4.41 min / 2011.05 fragment4.19 min / 2010.12
late night flight4.36 min / 2010.11 the wait4.28 min / 2010.06
truncated3.00 min / 2010.05 mechanical4.25 min / 2010.01
soldiers4.04 min / 2009.12 pavement4.26 min / 2009.12
salt3.51 min / 2009.09 aspects7.53 min / 2009.08
marked4.22 min / 2009.06 upstream3.48 min / 2009.04
fluke4.42 min / 2009.03 chinese bakery4.26 min / 2009.01
at the cinema2.42 min / 2008.12 smalltalk3.50 min / 2008.11
markt5.02 min / 2008.10 droplets3.30 min / 2008.09
equanimity4.58 min / 2008.08 dark skies5.44 min / 2008.08
playground4.02 min / 2008.08 discomfort3.45 min / 2008.07
the long way home3.00 min / 2008.07 seamless4.45 min / 2008.07
snooze2.01 min / 2008.06 june4.35 min / 2008.06
follow3.49 min / 2008.06 chase3.28 min / 2008.05
moths4.20 min / 2008.05 artifact3.29 min / 2008.04
pathway4.30 min / 2008.04 mercury3.52 min / 2008.03
flow3.45 min / 2008.01 onefiftysix1.37 min / 2008.01
liberal5.22 min / 2008.01 things seen and unseen7.46 min / 2007.11
bioscape2.03 min / 2007.10 fade out2.24 min / 2006.11


Looking for more music? My entries for the KVR music cafe contests can be found here.

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  • Excellent stuff: chilled beats and multi-layered melodies. Occasionally, hobbyists amaze and inspire me with their work. This is one such occasion.

  • Update:

    2 tracks added — markt & droplets, hope you enjoy!

  • Mohammad

    Good Music, you’re very good. You could do wonders in the dance world..

  • Update: 2 more added.

    at the cinema and smalltalk are two minimal downtempo tracks.

  • storm

    Awesome tracks. They really made me feel the emotion.

  • I come from a very different place musically, having my electronic roots in progressive rock, but I just listened to every song… your compositions here have a *true* appreciation for subtlety. I say you slap a name on this and compile it into a record, as I’d dig being able to snag a copy.

  • Thanks for the kind words guys.

  • cj31387

    at the cinima and equanimity are extremely good nice work, things seen and unseen is pretty good to

  • Scott Lake

    Ronnie, I’m grooving to Equanimity right now. I’m off music making for a month or two, but I’ll have some time after that and I’d love to add some classical guitar love to this song if I could be so honored!

  • Thanks for listening cj31387, glad you liked some of them.

    Scott, I’m posting the tracks under this CC license, so I’d love to see you add something new to it. Let me know if you want a .wav or something.

  • Oh, and I just added two tracks.

    Chinese bakery is a bit of a muffled groove track. Got the usual EP and some more unusual sounds (for me anyway).

    Fluke is a little bedtime tune, simple and sweet.

  • Receptor Damage

    Fantastic stuff. And Creative Commons too. It’s heartening to see people creating music for the love instead of the money!

  • ey, u got cool VSTi/VST , can you make or put on ur site: a good whistle-plugin like the whistle you hear in West-Coast/East-Coast rap tracks.


    • This "whistle" sound can be done with many synth plug-ins. I think it's called the "Gangsta Worm" sound.
      Check minimoog type plug-ins like Voltkitchen's MinimogueVA (free).

  • Hi, great, great songs. What’s that synth at the end of ‘aspects’.

  • Thanks Zvukom, that would be Loomer’s Aspect. Top notch synth!

  • Some great textures, Good stuff..

  • Manuel

    I have just downloaded a few of your tracks, and I especially like Things Seen and Unseen (I’ve got it on repeat). Good work!

    Greetings from China!

  • Per van per did a lovely remix of Friend-ships, featuring some samples from “things seen and unseen” –

  • …awesome music! Very chill, very inspiring. As a singer and lover of all things chill, I find your music very beautiful… glad to have found it. I’m hoping to add some of my own tunes and vocal experiments to my site soon. Perhaps I could get some tips from you one day?


  • anon

    Nice tunes – nice talent.

  • RealVainRex

    AWESOME WORK!!!! check out one of mine!

  • JonJonz

    Excellent chill out tunes, like the use of subtle percussion. Many textured themes and melodies. Very relaxing.

    • Thanks for the kind words, glad you like them!

  • Phenom
  • Joel Min

    Hey man ur music is amazing! I absolutely love it!

    btw what plugin did u use for the bass sound in “playground”?

    thanks and keep up the good work :)

    • Thanks, Joel! I’m not at my DAW right now and this tune is from 2008 so I don’t know off the top of my head, but I’m pretty sure it’s a Scarbee bass.

  • these sound awesome through my 5.1.. really makes some of the subtle tones pop out and encompass you in the mix

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