NSA Custom Series Drumkit, free acoustic drumkit samples by Dean aka ‘Nekro’

Dean (aka ‘Nekro’) wrote in to share a nice collection of acoustic drum samples, recorded a few years ago when Dean was working with Pro Tools HD, using Drumagog & Sound Replacer.

NSA Custom Series DrumkitNSA Custom Series Drumkit

Dean writes:

The people whom I have shared them with seem to find them good/usuable and I still use them myself layered with Toontrack’s rompler’s for as ‘real’ a drum sound as possible.

The sample pack includes a total of 777 samples, 16bit/44kHz mono .wav format (132 MB).

There are separate folders for cymbals, hihat, kick, snare, and tom sounds. Most file names include info on the recorded channel — L/R/M(ono), and if you take a close look you should be able to figure out how to use the multi-samples to create sampler patches (none are provided in the download pack, if anyone makes some please share).

Here’s a tune in which Dean is using the samples offered here in combination with Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2 and EZdrummer, followed by some preview clips for all of the samples included in the pack.

The pack is available as a free download below (Zip archive, 53.9MB)

NSA Custom Series Drumkit Downloads: 34335 times

Many thanks to Dean for sharing these great samples.

NSA Custom Series DrumkitNSA Custom Series Drumkit
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  • That Demo sounds really impressive. Thanks Dean and Ronnie. I’m looking forward to checking out the Samples.

  • Dean aka Nekro

    No problems Daniel – Hope that you find them useful mate :)

    Ronnie – Thank you for hosting these for the community. All looks great my friend

    Cheers and all the best to all


  • McCoy

    You are the man.
    I love it so much.
    Can i sent you some song archive by e-mail (you cant tell me what do you think) ?
    Sorry about the english, but i’m brazikian.

  • Dean aka Nekro

    McCoy, I would love to hear the track(s) which you have done which use these drum samples. Glad you are enjoying them and find them useful for your music. You can e-mail me anytime here: nekromachine@hotmail.co.uk

    Unless you were talking to/meant Ronnie whom is indeed the man and very helpful and generous


  • Jacaré

    Thank you for this amazing samples. I hope someone make a kontakt patch for this samples :).

  • powlow

    thanks for sharing the samples…I’m sure they’ll be usefull!

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  • Joshua

    Wow, nice collection of drum hits. Large assortment too. The toms are awesome :) Thanks!

  • SWTrex

    Dean – Thanks for making these great-sounding samples available!

    Could you perhaps help all of us out by giving us a guide in how the samples are named? I would like to take a stab at programming a kit out of these (probably sfz format), but I don’t know where to start.


  • chilln

    Thank you! ^_^

  • Dennis

    These samples are awesome! Thank you very much!!

  • Oliver

    Nice samples!!

    It would be great if we have a little explanation on how files are named. It would be easier to create a patch on a sampler.

    Thank you!

  • Jojo


    GOD BLESS YOU ……………… !!!

  • Kendall Murray

    Hey! Thanks for the samples. Can we use these samples in songs and then sell or make profit off of the songs? Or are these drums just for personal use?

  • @Kendall, you can use the samples in commercial songs, no problem.

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  • Ib2fyne

    Im soo thankful. This will expand my range of genres dramatically. You are truly a blessing bro (:

    • Dean Stockwell

      Its a pleasure Ib2fyne and glad you find them useful. Dean

  • Urs

    Hi Dean
    Your Nekro Instrumental is absolutely amazing!!!

    And the samples are really nice sounding…thanx so much;-)
    Keep rockin’ man…
    Urs (Vocals and Drums) from germany

    • Dean Stockwell

      Thank you Urs and greetings to you from North West England, UK. Dean :)

  • Wcbjackson45

    Hey thanks for providing these samples but the file seems to be corrupted. I can download the file but can’t open it. thanks for any help u can give. wcbjackson45@gmail.com

    • Is the download 53.9 MB? It’s not corrupt, so perhaps try to download again.

    • Is the download 53.9 MB? It’s not corrupt, so perhaps try to download again.

  • loki

    threw these onto my MPC and jammed out with my metal friends while they played guitar, they loved the sound just wanted to say thank you for the hard work you put into this

    • Dean Stockwell

      Awesome, Nothing like kicking out a live jam loki. Glad the drum samples helped man and greets to yourself and your metal friends m/ Dean

  • Ian


  • Liamcrangle

    thank you so much for posting this. what a god send

  • Vincent Speer

    For this I pretty much love you dude! Thnx for that contribution, cause so far the best raw samples that i’ve heard and used!!!

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  • sykodx469

    I’ve been looking for decent drum samples for some time now. These samples sound great. Thank you for the time & effort into making this. :)

  • zupahfly

    many thanks for these, they sound great! They do work great on a MPC indeed :)

  • AlienLiam

    THX-I play electronica, mainly synth/keyboard-but I create the best drum tracks-i work hard at making my drum sampler AND USB drum pads sound as real and acoustic as i possibly can-electronica takes on a huge change of atmosphere when you can arrange a drum track that sounds like a real drum set-including working in the human feel to it-kind of tricky-but you can do it -my fans say they keep looking for my drummer and/or drum set-often its not on stage-fans are amazed how i can get such a live sounding drum track out of machinery-the sound of acoustic drums to synthesized instrumentals sends good energy to the audience of most club/stage performance’s-nothing can match a real set-but when you are the lead composer and keyboardist-I cant break away from my keyboards in a set to actually pound out a few cool riffs-I can in the studio and have at times had a drone keyboardist to run the helm on stage-yet for myslef and my street team to set up and break down a drumset for my venue’s always takes a lot of time-time i could be rocking the house-my band loves my drums, but I just cant do my drums live at most shows-thanks to your team for putting together such a great freebie

  • AlienLiam

    OHHH, a tip for the electronic arranger, DJ or computer guy’/gals who create drum tracks on a DAW systems…cakewalk, protools cubase are ok-I use four different DAW systems in my music creation-the best on i have found to paste the samples into drum tracks is Sony Acid Pro 7. You have a paint brush tool, and eraser. You can paint the individual samples upto a regular drum loop and you can move just that wav anywhere in conjunction to the wav loop, you work on this to get that human feel of live performance..adding in various drum piece samples to loops, in random areas that gives it a human feel also adjusting panning and volume to those drum piece samples also gives it a feel…they are mono from this file, simply make two tracks of the same sample and use your panning to offset a tad example:track one snare…offest to the left about two clicks then track two right, ofset to the right two clicks, this way simulates the stereo sound…you can adjust tht over the length of the two tracks, work on giving the two tracks a wave fade…left to right and to left again…that gives the sound a stereo type of effect.

    • cool-mo58

      You can do that, a great deal faster & with far less work, in FL Studio’s step sequencer. It has dedicated functions for changing pitch, velocity, panning, time-shifting, release, fine pitch, mod-x & mod-y.

      Sony makes you pay more 4 something like Acid pro, compared to Acid Studio, just to get basic features- that programs costing far less- has as a standard.

  • Hey bro, thanks for this. Newbie question: how do I use this with Logic? Is there an .exs file for the EXS24 sampler I should use? Thanks!

    • Hi Travis, there’s no mapping included so you’ll have to do your own in EXS24.

  • these samples are awesome! Thanks for making them available.

    I am a guitarist and will be using these to create drum samples. However, I only know the major drum brand names so I can’t really work out what the name of the specific samples as per ur file naming convention. Would u be able to give me a hint on how to identify each piece by the file name? i.e. 03FL.SNR4M [s]

    By listening to it, I am sure the FL stands for flam? What other info is in the file name?

    Much appreaciated.

    And thanks again!

    • Hello Dale,
      The naming is not very good at all on this set and I can only recommend that yourself/anyone use your ears to fit them together when needed. If there was one thing I could go back and change it would be to name the set properly along with patches in Kontakt & SFZ format but I can not so they are as they are. It sounds like a flam then it’ll be a flam but it also could just as easily indicate which side/hand/stick the drum was hit with. The end part ‘4M’ will be the force/velocity it was struck with relative to the others. Sorry I can not be more useful. Still glad to hear that this humble set I did years ago is still getting good use from people in the audio community. Dean ‘Nekro’ :)

  • awsome!!! thanks dude!! m/

  • dawson

    awesome samples im going to be using this with rock band drums but right now im just testing them out and i gotta say wow!!! best i have come across so far :)

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