Optimus Prime – Protoform


Pairadocs did an awesome full-blown movie Transformers repaint… protoform verion of Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime - ProtoformOptimus Prime – Protoform: Orignal off the shelf version vs the Pairadocs one

he writes:

Several layers of metallics here – first a metallic black base, then layered drybrushes of Oily Steel, Silver, and a custom mixed metallic light blue. Then accent colors were added in. All screw holes were filled in and sculpted to keep the figure one solid piece with no distractions.

Very nice job!

More images here.

  • pairadocs

    Thanks for the write-up and great feedback!

    I really appreciate it!!

    –Vince Dudzinski
    pairadocs design lab

  • You’ve really done a great job, also on the Scorponok and the Blackout figures. The Protoform model looks like it came straight from the movie, very convincing!

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