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Tention Digital Audio (TDA) has released two new VST Equalizer plug-ins, TDAe
EQ2004P (4-Band Parametric Equalizer) and TDAe EQ2008 (8-Band …

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Maple and Brown-Sugar skin color variations

Grymmjack has released a few color variations on the Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal. Flavors are Renoise Owns, Blueberry, Lime and Slate. Check the images below (click for larger image).        Some other skins … read more

Daniel Smith releases MIDI patch bay VST

Daniel Smith has released MIDI patch bay VST, a free plugin that lets you reroute MIDI channels. Merge, split or filter out channels entirely Drag & Drop interface Multiple links per connector The VST is … read more

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Fretted Synth releases Trampler VST

Fretted Synth has released Trampler, a Guitar Controlled Drum Synth plug-in. Features A single sample triggered by any audio input Audio trigger section consists of only two knobs, (Gate) which sets the gates strength (Decay) … read more

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Teragon Audio updates DualComp to v1.0b1

Teragon Audio has updated their compressor utility plugin with sidechaining capabilities DualComp to version 1.0b1. New in v1.0b1 An AudioUnit version is now available as a Universal Binary Major cleanups with overall sound. When sidechained, … read more

Little People – A tiny street art project

On the Little People website you’ll find a series of photographs of tiny handpainted people depicted in different situations around London. Can you find the guy fixing the street in the picture below? Click on … read more

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E-Phonic releases E-Phonic MP3 Player

E-Phonic has released a free Flash based mp3 player for the web called E-Phonic Mp3 Player. This player is completely skinnable and more skins and documentation about how to skin the player will be added … read more

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Naokit72 updates Saxi Player to v1.0.3beta3

Naokit72 has released a new beta of the freeware Sax plug-in Saxi Player, version 1.0.3beta3. New in v1.0.3beta3 Reverb effect with mix and depth controls Attack controls the strength of tanging (It doesn’t influence notes … read more

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Manytone Music releases ManyOne v1.0

Manytone Music has released ManyOne, a fully-featured, high quality, sample player which comes with a wide range of sounds intended to form the foundation of your day to day musical needs. This extensive range of … read more

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TuneStudio turns iPod into a four-channel mixer

iLounge has an interesting article on Belkin’s TuneStudio, a four-channel audio mixer that allows users to create digital recordings directly to a fifth-generation iPod. Belkin TuneStudio The mixer accepts up to four different instruments or … read more

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