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TDAe EQ2004P and TDAe EQ2008 released

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TDAe EQ2004P Equalizer plug-in

Tention Digital Audio (TDA) has released two new VST Equalizer plug-ins, TDAe EQ2004P (4-Band Parametric Equalizer) and TDAe EQ2008 (8-Band Equalizer).


  • TDAe EQ2004P
    • 4-Band Parametric Equalizer
    • 4x Frequency Control
    • 4x Q Control
    • 4x Gain Control
    • Output amplifier
  • TDAe EQ2008
    • 8-Band Equalizer
    • Input amplifier
    • Output amplifier
    • Clipping-Section

Also, the recently released TDAi XT305B Bassline synth has been updated. A few presets were added so check that one out if you haven’t already.

Visit TDA for more information and links to download these free VST plug-ins.


Maple and Brown-Sugar skin color variations

Grymmjack has released a few color variations on the Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal.

Flavors are Renoise Owns, Blueberry, Lime and Slate. Check the images below (click for larger image).

Renoise Owns skin for Oatmeal  Blueberry skin for Oatmeal  Lime skin for Oatmeal  Slate skin for Oatmeal

Some other skins you might want to check:

Devil skin by Nitex
  • 501 by Mark Deaton.
501 skin by Mark Deaton

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Nov 27, 2006 … Envelope (VCA); ADSR Envelope (VCF); Master-Section with Clipping. Visit
TDA for more information and a link to download TDAi XS401.


Daniel Smith releases MIDI patch bay VST

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MIDI patch bay VST

Daniel Smith has released MIDI patch bay VST, a free plugin that lets you reroute MIDI channels.

  • Merge, split or filter out channels entirely
  • Drag & Drop interface
  • Multiple links per connector

The VST is currently only available for PC Windows, but the source code is available and since it was done with the Juce framework it might compile cross platform.

Daniel also has a few other plug-ins available on his website:

Visit Daniel Smith‘s website for more information and a link to download MIDI patch bay VST.


Eiffel Tower made of matches

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English Russia has an article on a model of the Eiffel Tower made from matches.

Alexandr Pashkevich from Ukraine built the 3,3 ft (1 meter) structure consisting of 15.000 different details made from 7.464 matches.

Eiffel Tower built from matches
Eiffel Tower built from matches by Alexandr Pashkevich

Check the English Russia article for more images, i.e. one with the tower illuminated by numereous LEDs.


Teragon Audio updates DualComp to v1.0b1

Teragon Audio DualComp

Teragon Audio has updated their compressor utility plugin with sidechaining capabilities DualComp to version 1.0b1.

New in v1.0b1

  • An AudioUnit version is now available as a Universal Binary
  • Major cleanups with overall sound. When sidechained, input signal does not carry nearly as much distortion under extreme settings
  • Added new “tolerance” parameter

Note: There is no GUI editor yet. (this will probably be available in the next beta).

Visit Teragon Audio for more information and a link to download the latest version of DualComp.


Manytone Music releases ManyOne v1.0

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Manytone Music ManyOne VSTi

Manytone Music has released ManyOne, a fully-featured, high quality, sample player which comes with a wide range of sounds intended to form the foundation of your day to day musical needs.

This extensive range of sounds has then been coupled with a highly efficient sample playback engine with a powerful FX rack.

ManyOne comes with a wide range of sounds in four categories: electric pianos, ensembles, organs, and waveforms (which include classic analog waves) that are all selectable from the easy to use sound browser. Check the full soundset listing here.

There are 10 effect units available in ManyOne:

  • Tremolo
  • Overdrive
  • Mono and Stereo Phaser
  • Dual and Quad Chorus
  • Mono and Stereo Flanger
  • Echo (with three varieties—warm, crush and light)
  • Output Limiter

If you don’t like ManyOne’s default skin, there are a few other ones to choose from.

ManyOne is available for PC (VSTi) and Mac (AU/VSTi) for the special introductory price of $37.95 (until 15 January 2007, long-term price is $49.95). There is also a cross-grade price of $29.95 for ManyGuitar users.

As a Manytone user you will also get access to Manytone FreeZone, providing additional sounds ready to use with ManyOne.

Visit Manytone Music for more information and to listen to some demo mp3s of ManyOne.