IK Multimedia has announced the launch of a limited time promotion on SampleTank libraries. Celebrating the release of 10 new SampleTank libraries and the new Syntronik Synth-X, IK is offering up to 64 free SampleTank libraries with a purchase.

Of the 8 individual libraries, 5 are also bundled together as the Mojo Synthesis collection, developed and produced by IK’s Erik Norlander. The 3 other libraries being released feature experimental saxophone sounds, an innovative and hybrid drum kit, and a new synth for Syntronik, based on the famous Elka Synthex.

Purchase and register up to 8 of the new SampleTank libraries listed below and square that number. That’s how many FREE products you can redeem of equal or lesser value. So if you grab 8, you get 64 (8 x 8) more from the list of eligible software titles here!

The following products are included in the promotion:

  • Mojo Synthesis (149 USD/EUR): Includes Alien Harbours, Circuit Damage, Ring of Doom, Swarm and Vector Vision (counts as 5 libraries towards your total).
  • Alien Harbours (49 USD/EUR): 4 GB of sound content, 100 instrument presets.
  • Circuit Damage (49 USD/EUR): 1.66 GB of sound content, 108 instrument presets.
  • Ring of Doom (49 USD/EUR): 1.86 GB of sound content, 111 instrument presets.
  • Swarm (49 USD/EUR): 914 MB of sound content, 50 instrument presets.
  • Vector Vision (49 USD/EUR): 1.56 GB of sound content, 164 instrument presets.
  • Syntronik Synth-X (49 USD/EUR): 9.46 GB of sound content, 103 instrument presets, 47 Wave sets.
  • Extraterrestrial Saxophone (79 USD/EUR): 3.98 GB of sound content, 23 instrument presets.
  • Bionic Drums (79 USD/EUR): 1.2 GB of sound content, 36 instrument presets, 613 MIDI patterns, 1 Multi.
  • The Code Volume 1: Urban DNA Kits (79 USD/EUR): 1.4 GB of sample content, 30 construction kits, 432 audio loops.
  • The Code Volume 2: Urban R&B Edition (79 USD/EUR): 1.8 GB of sample content, 20 construction kits, 349 audio loops.

The offer is valid through November 30th, 2022. All prices excluding VAT where applicable. JamPoints accepted at the IK online store for up to 30% off your purchase.

More information: IK Multimedia