Peter den Herder Noise4U, free soundset for TAL-Noisemaker

Togu Audio Line NoiseMaker

Peter den Herder has released Noise4U, a free soundset for the Noisemaker synthesizer plug-in by Togu Audio Line.

You are free to use it in your productions. In this soundset you’ll find lots of basses, leads, synced FX, synced gated sounds and more. Genre: Mainly Dance.

Behind the patch names you’ll often find one or more letters. These point out the modulation sensitivity for: Legato (l), velocity (v) and the pitch bend wheel (pb); (s) means the patch is synced to the tempo of your DAW.

You can listen to a demo clip of some of the presets below and here.

Download the Noise4U soundset below.

Noise4U sound bank Downloads: 7937 times

Looking for more? Check all patches by Peter den Herder or for TAL-NoiseMaker

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  • Tomaz

    A do not comment often BUT I just have to… NOW:)
    Very Nice presets, effective, straight Pro:)
    Thank You m8 and most of All Thanks (you, the cheef) for

  • peterdh

    Thanx for your comment TOMAZ!

  • Jack

    How to i install them, usualy with presets i just copy them into my patches folder and it works fine but fl studio wont accept them

  • peterdh

    Hi Jack,

    I do not work with FL Studio, but this is how it should work: Load the .fxb file, called “TAL Noisemaker Noise4U sound bank”, via FL Studio. (There must be an option as “load bank” in FL Studio when you open Noisemaker)

    If this doesn’t work… I included the 91 single patches in Noisemaker’s native format. You’ll have to load each patch yourself; use the “load preset” button of Noisemaker itself.

  • Jack

    Thanks Man, all working now, amazing presets,

  • peterdh

    Thanx for your comment Jack.

  • dj kay

    these are really good man, checked them out, thanks alot

  • peterdh

    Thanks DJ Kay.

  • Joe

    How do I install on Ableton live ??? Sounds on demo are amazing??

  • Joe

    How do I install on Ableton live ??? Sounds on demo are amazing( Mac)

    • peterdh

      Hi Joe,

      For installing the sound bank, please read the enclosed “read me” file or read my earlier comment on Jack’s question.

      For installing the Noisemaker plug-in..I can’t help you, I work with Cubase.


  • asad

    hello im really not able to install it i the fl studio even though i place it in the vst folder

  • peterdh

    I’m not familiar with Fl Studio, but this from the Image-line website might be helpful: “To see newly installed plugins – Click Refresh in the bottom of the ‘Select plugin’ window and select Fast Scan”.

  • Hi Peter
    Thanks for the amazing presets. I created some of my own and have one question. How do i merge them to a library like yours?
    Cheers, RenJ

  • peterdh

    Hi RenJ,
    Thanx for the kind words.
    If your host/DAW supports saving and loading in the fxp (single presets) and fxb (bank of presets) format, there will be no difficulties in arranging/adjusting a sound bank. If your host/DAW doesn’t have the ability to save in the fxp/fxb format (like Cubase), you’ll have to save your patches in Noisemaker’s native format (only single presets) found at the right bottom of the plug-in (“save preset”). Now open a (free) VST host (I use Cantabile Lite) that fully supports the fxp/fxb format and load the sound bank. Now load your own presets in Noisemaker’s native format (“load preset”) to the right locations. Now save your new sound bank in the fxb format.

  • If you’re having trouble loading these presets in a 64-bit environment, check the updated pack at

  • Shamai Rogers

    Thank you so much!!

  • peterdh

    Thanks for your comment Shamai :)

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