Plugin Boutique Giveaway: VirtualCZ synthesizer plugin (3 copies)

Plugin Boutique’s VirtualCZ phase distortion synthesizer plug-in has been awarded Best Software Synthesizer of the year by MusicTech Magazine.

Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ

If you’re sick of real analogue, virtual analogue and a sea of classic analogue emulations, this is a must-buy, if only to realise that digital wasn’t as bad as we all made out.

This is an accessible, flexible and, most importantly, a hugely inspirational synth. And at just £59.95 it is the steal of the year. Get it now

In celebration of this award, Plugin Boutique is offering readers a chance to win a copy of VirtualCZ. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post before January 18th, 2015, 11.59pm CET.

Three winners will be picked at random from all comments. Good luck!

More information: Plugin Boutique / VirtualCZ

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  • Peter Rundgren

    The demos sounds brilliant!

  • Thank you for this opportunity – It sounds like a great synth!

  • Very nice plugin if you want to add something new in your projects! i love its sound(Ui is fantastic great job!)! Good luck guys!

  • love the vintage 80s sound!

  • Tom

    As always, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • sq1learning

    I won’t know if this is super useful until I win it. Thanks.

  • Prof.Logik

    Good luck to everyone…

  • DoctorBob

    Hey, wow I would love to own one of these. My CZ1000 died not long ago – really liked the different sounds you could get with phase distortion versus FM. Mind you, those touch pads instead of buttons were a curse, my DX-11 was better and is still going strong!

  • B. Cox


  • groov

    haha nice! :D

  • John Conway

    Congrats on the award!

  • aaron bergman

    I used to own a version of that synth way back when. I love to be able to have those sounds now, and even better than I remember.

  • Aeonic Butterfly

    Enter me in, for the giggles. =)

  • Steve Chab

    Nice synth … would be nice to win!

  • Anatolyj_B

    A couple letters from moon

  • Congrats, guys! Looking forward to check it out, whether as a winner or the demo. ;)

  • Would be cool to win this and compare it side by side with my 27yr old Casio CZ1!

  • K. Sell

    A superb re-creation of a real classic! Synthastic!

  • ultraneutral

    I would love to win this one :-)

  • Diego

    Baby’s gonna find its way home ;)

  • Dee.P.Tree

    I would love to try this… by winning it…!!! Thanks….for the opportunity rekkerd and PluginBoutique…! :-)

  • Frucht Blaeser

    little big vst-monster ;) …respect :D …

  • Sounds Rad :) Thanks for the contest Ronnie!

  • Luke Inglis

    Here’s throwing my hat in for a chance…

  • Dwight Denzer

    Remember playing with CZ101 back in the day. Hope to win.

  • Antal Nusselder

    Sounds great! Fingers crossed…

  • Bill Kastanakis


  • Marcelo Reis

    Wish me luck! :P

  • Jens

    Da da da.

  • phil_wc

    Pick me pls

  • VSTJuNkiE

    Oooh free gear..? Yes please! :)

  • Colaverde

    good sound for this plugin !! I would be happy to get a copy

  • Steve

    Gonna have to check this out.

  • Paweł


  • Kevin

    I’ve been lusting for this plugin since it’s release. Unfortunately my financial situation leaves no room for anything beyond food ,rent, and utilities.

  • manny

    Nice giveaway!!!!

  • Anders Grønningsæter

    Well deserved!!

  • MrVision

    Another great giveaway – good luck everyone!

  • Timur Arynov

    Good luck everyone!

  • stephen ankrum

    I wanna win!

  • Richard Gheel

    I have wanted this synth for so long! it looks amazing

  • Jon Solo

    Awesome! This is a big one missing from my arsenal!

  • Lucaluca

    Crossing my fingers! I really appreciate this kind of contest. Maybe i get can get my hand on this awesome plugin.
    I wish everyone good luck.

  • staudtgc

    Sounds really cool!

  • walablat


  • noblogo

    happy new year

  • joselitus_maximus

    (and thanks!)

  • Andreas Fichtner

    as a kid from the 80s that’s something for me ;)

  • dyLAB

    awesome – my cz-5000 would love this

  • Jonathan Davies

    I had an old casio synth many years ago,, bring back the good old days :)

  • Tommy Leonhardsen

    Good old days are back again. CZ rocks :-)

  • Great!

  • EvilDragon

    Let’s try! :)

  • GG

    I like to bench press my CZ 1 during downtime in the studio … hoho, just kidding. it weighs a tonne : )

  • Gryzor87

    I WANT THIIIIS!. I had a CZ-101 cosmo synth and it rocks!

  • gle2015

    I’ve been looking forward to hearing this synth for a long time, it a perfect recreation of a classic Casio synth, i hope I win a copy of it :)

  • Wald_fx

    I have a very good feeling about this!

  • Sigit

    Nice! Good luck ^^

  • nordicrek

    Great idea! Great synth!

  • Bill G. Degillio

    Count me in, and wish me luck!

  • I am DJBenniboy, I am a producer as Ronnie knows, Virtual CZ, Tried the demo, The sound character is the best!, This is the closest, if not closer than Phase Distortion Itself, Like the CZ101, It has very nostalgic character, The Envelopes Are spot on too!, There is so much to this synthesizer, also the unique types of filters that can be applied to the envelopes! You can create new and retro sounds and effects with this synth, It’s one we’d always come back too!

  • FrankZ

    Demoed it. Absolutely Nice!

  • Arthur_BR

    Let me see how this sounds in some 80s-like mixes!

  • house party

    thanks!Good luck!

  • l4sh


  • ddt2860 .

    Love the sound!!!

  • John F


  • Sergey Samarov

    Sound very good! Great synth!

  • gimme, gimme, please! ;)

  • Nick Monte

    Mr. Oli Larkin, I’d like a copy of VirtualCZ!

  • Jits

    Worth a try!

  • Paul Evans

    Awesome synth! Awesome contest. Good luck everyone!

  • Mauro

    I have cz 1000 and many original patches to try on VirtualCZ, I can’t wait for it ! :-)

  • Lazylefteye

    I remember the CZ synths they had there own unique sound. Fingers crossed

  • Crystal Craft

    Demo sounded cool! Something to explore :)

  • Aleksei

    Great synth! I wish everyone good luck.

  • Yami


  • Andrew Ward

    Used to play CZs back when they were first introduced – winning a software one would be awesome! :-)

  • John


  • Mstat MK

    Great demo, could definitely put this to good use!

  • nice!

  • kabos


  • Kikuc Michal

    I want!

  • Alessandro Alcinesio


  • Remgot


  • It would be nice to win ^^

  • night:dweller

    sounds good!

  • Justin

    Sounds Great! Here’s to winning!

  • Thanks for the chance!

  • L S

    Beautiful! Would love to own this. Thanks.

  • Bjulin Music

    Want to get lucky! ;)

  • Gareth Mage

    Great! Always wanted this synth as a plugin…

  • Michał Prochownik

    Great! I’d love to win! :)

  • BB


  • AnthonyDominello

    Virtual is virtually all I need!

  • Sim

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Xuanyin

    I’m really glad that people like you are giving us this chance! Thanks!

  • Here’s to great digital synths! Cheers!

  • Finnbogi Ragnar Ragnarsson


  • LeandroSeabra

    I´m in… Happy 2015 to all!

  • str

    …a free copy of this synth can’t hurt. Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everybody.

  • Krzysztof Świderski

    If I win, it will be my first synth plugin. I hope it opens me a window to the new world :) Good luck!

  • alltrance66

    Crossing my fingers!!!

  • Guest

    It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
    Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break!

  • tokatila

    It might seem crazy what I’m about to say
    Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break

  • Anne O’Neemus

    Happy New Year!

  • Nothing ventured nothing gained. :D

  • Mark Stevens

    Count me in, I used to own a CZ3000 & the CZ5000. Had great fun with those so would love to have a decent plug-in version :)

  • TheRocker

    <— Winner !!!
    I hope ?!?!?! ,, lol

  • Extrajazz

    I listened at the demos and I’m impressed.

  • ap0th1k4ry .

    Definitely an awesome sound. Would love to use this!

  • Manalan

    Been using lots of synthesizer.Nothing came across like this plugin.My No 1 wishlist plugin.Thanks to the team for the effort producing this plugin.

  • taumusic

    interesting :)

  • antondisqus

    Ah, the CZ synths bring back lots of memories!

  • Reg Needham

    I’ve still got my CZ5000 & would love the software version…it sounds amazing…better than the original!

  • Ellen

    Thanks for the chance!

  • I loved the sound of those old Casios. Very cool and sci-fi. Thanks for the offer. Cheers, and good luck all!

  • gregoryth

    Fingers crossed :)

  • Taifunk

    Good luck everyone!

  • Ronan Given

    I wouldn’t mind adding a Virtual CZ to my vst collection. :)

  • Twumpy

    This would be a nice addition to the collection!

  • The three winners as picked by the random number service at are: Crystal Craft, Colaverde, Shannon McDowell
    Congrats, you’ll receive an email from Plugin Boutique soon.

    Thanks to all for joining the contest! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter if you don’t want miss the next contest/giveaway.


    • I’ve actually won?! Thank you for providing this opportunity! Best to all, Shan

    • Colaverde

      Many thanks to Rekkerd, Oli Larkin and Plugin Boutique !!!! Virtual CZ is the best CZ emulation.

  • Chris

    This plugin looks great! Would love to mesh it in with my music :)

  • Jon Revalaytor

    Yes! This is awesome!!!! Love it!!

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