Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack, 65 free kick drum samples from Jomox MBase 01

rekkerd analog kick pack

The Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack is a free sample pack featuring the sounds of a small analog drum synthesizer, the Jomox MBase 01.

I recorded this synth a while ago but never got around to sharing the sounds with you, until today.

Finally I found some time to process the recordings and create a sample pack, so here it is.

Rekkerd Analog Kick Pack features

  • 65 samples, captured with an RME audio card.
  • 24-bit mono wav format.
  • Manually processed with various effects.
  • Files labeled: l=long, m=medium, s=short, v=very short ;-)

Here’s a preview of all the kick sounds included in the pack.

The sample pack is available as a free download (Creative Commons license; you’re free to use these samples however you like, just don’t distribute or sell them). Donations are appreciated.

Download below (3.8 MB).

rekkerd analog kick pack Downloads: 65392 times

More free samples are available here.

Accusonus Regroover Pro
  • ekkord

    Nice. Thanks..
    Interested to know what you used tho..

  • Dan

    This is a nice little pack Ronnie!

    @Ekkord – Sounds like a Jomox Mbase to me…

  • How silly, forgot to mention the sounds are from the Jomox Mbase 01. Good ears, Dan! I’ve processed many of the sounds too.

    I’ll update the post!

  • 3ee

    Thanks Ronnie, these samples are very nice! Round, clean and punchy… and @ 24bit… gonna’ use them in my works for sure!
    Cheers! :)

  • J Smith


  • RunBeerRun

    Thanks Ronnie, is this a rompler or a drum synth I wonder?

  • @RunBeerRun, the MBase is an analog kick drum synthesizer.

  • CreateAudio


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  • hoha

    i like~ thanks!!

  • Phil

    Thanks !

    I will try them soon ;)

  • MrHazelBlu

    Thanks for the sounds… BIG drums and BIG thanks!!!

  • Kendovic (Nigeria)

    dude, you are a real pro.

  • Thanks for the drums. Just curious as to which plugin you used for that streaming music file?

  • @Jim Bond, that’s not a plug-in but an embedded SoundCloud player.

  • Ah ok. Thanks man.

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  • Marcel

    so many thanks

  • thIIIrd musique

    very nice sounds, appreciated greatly!

  • Bobiano

    thanks and God bless

  • hello, can you do something like this with Analog Synthetic Snares? Would be so Awesome! Rekkerd super!

    • I’m planning on doing similar packs, not sure when I’ll find the time though.

  • viorelpuia


  • Vern Sharp

    how do i install??

    • It’s a zip archive, so you’ll need to unpack to wav samples with an appropriate utility (WinZip, 7-zip, StuffIt, etc).

  • Thank you very much =)

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