Sample Remix Contest – Win D16 Group SilverLine Collection

Remix by José Carlos Cortizo Pérez @ Flickr

Some of you have been reminding me it has been way too long since the last sample remix contest, and you’re right!

If you are new to sample remix contests, the idea is simple: create a track using at least one of the samples included in the sample remix download pack below.

The pack includes a total of 32 samples — beats and melodic loops, in 24-bit .wav format (78 MB download).

Sample Remix Pack April 2010 Downloads: 8251 times

I hope these will inspire you to create some great music!
Note that you are free to use any hardware and software you want to create your entry, and you may process the sample(s) from the remix pack as little or much as you like. Be creative!

The contest will run until April 30, 2010, after which all contestants will have a week to pick their top 3 favorites (note: if you don’t vote, you can’t win!).

The top voted entry will win a SilverLine Collection bundle, kindly donated by D16 Group.

The SilverLine Collection comprises of 6 excellent effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac (multiband distortion, phaser, bit crusher, tube distortion, reverb, and chorus).

There may be some additional prizes.

Please submit your entry in mp3 format (192kbit or higher) before the deadline of April 30, 2010. One entry per contestant is allowed.

Update: April 20, 2010:

Please upload your entry to SoundCloud and drop it in my dropbox (make sure the file is not marked “private”) and send me a message or email me so I know you have submitted your entry.

If you do not have a SoundCloud account you can sign up for free. Alternately — if for some reason you really can’t use SoundCloud, you may use the contact form to submit your entry. Don’t forget to include your name/artist name and a link to your mp3 file or include it in an email.

Good luck and have fun!

Entries & voting

May 1, 2010: Voting is now open (and required for a chance to win) for contestants only. You may only vote once, and you can not vote for your own entry.

Please listen to each one of the entries listed below before you vote. It is my hope that you will take the time to post some comments/constructive criticism to other people’s work so everyone gets something out of this!

Send your top 3 favorites in a message to me on Soundcloud before May 8, 2010.

Additionally, if you like to share your votes with everyone you may also post a comment on this page.

Update: I’ve removed all the links to the entries since many of them are no longer available.


Before I announce the winners, I would like to quote Dion (NO-ID), who wrote in the comments:

Funny, there can be a last place … not a bad last place, just different. There so much talent here, that it was really an honor to be in it

I too think you all truly did a great job, and it has been a joy to me to listen to each and every one of your songs. Unfortunately we can only have a few winners (of prizes anyway), so here are the top three voted entries:

  1. Happy Juice by Jackie
  2. Offset Senses by 3ee
  3. In the Gloaming by Rachmiel

With difference of only 2 points it was a pretty close call between Jackie and 3ee, and Jonas the plugexpert came in just one point behind Rachmiel’s third place win.

Jackie will receive the wonderful SilverLine Collection bundle of effect plug-ins by D16 Group. For second and third place winners 3ee and Rachmiel I have a sample library by Big Fish Audio. I will contact you with the details shortly.

Congratulations to the winners, and well done everyone! I hope to see you again for the next contest. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter if you don’t want to miss it.

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • FindRemix

    Cool Roonie! The contest is now supported by my site.


  • Thanks for spreading the word, I appreciate!

  • Cool, THX. I will start immediatelly!

  • Great! Another remix ánd samples! Thanks Ronnie! :)

  • First entry is in already!

    I also noticed that I mistakenly had one 32bit file (not normalized) in the pack so I replaced it with the correct version. If anyone who already got the pack wants to get the file separately it’s available to download here: 116_senses_05.wav

  • I have sent you my entry in your Soundcloud dropbox, let me know if it’s alright! Thanks for the contest!

  • Got it, thanks!

  • 3ee

    Hi Ronnie!
    A suggestion would be to; maybe make use of soundcloud for this contest and future contests instead of the past used flash player.
    Thank’s for having this contest! :)

    BTW. Just to eliminate any confusion, there isn’t any specific track to remix, right? The information stated @ is accompanied with an “original mix”


  • Thanks for the suggestion 3ee. I was thinking about that as well but it’s a tad too late now to request people to upload their track to SoundCloud, and if I were to upload all the tracks to a new account I would only have 120 minutes, which might not be enough to host all tracks…

    There is no specific track to remix. I guess Find Remix uses a template with the audio player for its contest posts.

  • Actually, it may not yet be too late. SoundCloud it will be!

  • Hi. I did some listening to the samples soon after they were released, but didn’t get started putting together a track until yesterday. I’ll probably want to get in as much tweaking as possible, so I was wondering more specifically when the deadline is as far as time zones go.

  • Hi John, I didn’t mention a particular time zone so don’t worry about it. Just make sure I have it on May 1st (CET) when I will compile the final list of entries. This won’t be before noon I’m sure…


    finished kinda in a last moment so some more eqing is needed, but I hope you’ll all like it tho ;)

  • 3ee

    done! :) sent you the track via Soundcloud’s dropbox

  • Nice job guys, can’t wait to list the entries on this page for you all the hear. Some brilliant work so far!

  • Hey! Just wondering. Since you’ve changed this to Soundcloud, do the entries still have to be in MP3 format, because they encode to MP3 for their widgets and I don’t want my entry to be encoded twice. Thanks.

  • The 192kbit or higher quality mp3 is a minimum, and yes indeed Soundcloud will create an mp3 anyway so you can also upload a different format.

  • THIS IS NOT MY VOTE I haven’t listened to enough songs yet, but I like “A Woman In Berlin” by Daniel Aloysius Hogan. The only negative point the songs gets is it totally lacks an outro, it’s far too sudden.

  • Louisville Crenshaw

    This type of contest is fun… Ronnie I hope you keep this coming Bro…

    Good stuff…

  • I want to win!!! :-D

    There’s some very good tracks here, Hope I could download them & make a playlist for my iPod!

  • Lila303

    I vote for Villa Violet. Threesoff is really nice.

  • NAH

    yo… mostly, the track by “villa violet” is our favorit kind of flavour, really great job !

  • My top three favourites – by Daniel (Aloysius) Hogan

    Position: FIRST PLACE

    Track Number: 07

    Track Title: 3ee – Offset Senses

    Artist: 3ee

    Comments: Dense MIX. Really Professional!


    Position: SECOND PLACE

    Track Number: 19

    Track Title: Happy Juice

    Artist: jackie

    Comments: Love it!!! This is Sexy!

    Position: THIRD PLACE

    Track Number: 10

    Track Title: Mrak Pierce

    Artist: Mad Factory

    Comments: Sounds like a film soundtrack. Love it!!!
    _____________________________________ sample remix competition – april 2010

  • hk

    hey, Villa Violet, nice track!

  • Villa Violet is one of the Best tracks this year. Marco Scherer rocks.

  • Mel

    I like the Villa Violet track most !!! Great work !!!

  • Villa Violet is certainly winning the popularity poll ;-)

  • top three tracks imho:

    first place:
    Villa Violet – Threesoff by Marco Scherer (Meller)

    second place:
    In the Gloaming by rachMiel

    second drop(mastered final) by VladimirAlykov

  • crshr

    My favorite track is the Villa Violet

  • sebastian

    the villa violet track is very cool in my opinion :D

  • It’s great to hear from all you Villa Violet fans, but unfortunately only contestants can vote. Just to avoid any confusion…

  • Andrew


    This is my voting for the very best track!
    I like the Villa Violet track most!
    So let him winn.

  • Alright, people listen up.

    I see the stream of Villa Violet fans who like to show their support is not letting up so I’ve decided to moderate those type of comments since they do not add anything to this contest.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  • 3ee

    …& They can always make a comment on his track on Soundcloud… ;)

  • Jackie

    Hey everyone, my picks are:

    1. 3ee – Offset Senses by 3ee
    2. Jonas The Plugexpert – Bedrijf by plugexpert
    3. Lope – Having a Senior Moment by Interloper

    Regards and good luck!

  • 3ee – Offset Senses

    Voted by me as winner track. None of the others do the job nearly as well for me. Great quality track – read my comment on it :)

    Villa Violet is imo not a winner. The production it self is by far above average, but just does not work for me. And the 303 (sample?) is too dominating imo..

    would love to see some of your votes on my tune :)


  • Jesper

    1.Vladimir alykov – second drop(mastered final) by VladimirAlykov

    2. Apostalific Rekkerding by coruscate

    3. SampleScience – More Fish & more beat (+ bonus minimal jam) by SampleScience
    Vladimir Alykov – Second Drop is insane! :D

  • Thanks to those who have commented on my entry. While I have been learning more about production, I still think I am more of a musician/performer. I have been playing guitar for about 27 years, and dabbling with computer generated music for about 10 years off and on, but have been mostly been focused on guitar in that time. While I am happy with my entry, and think it is a step up production wise compared to my previous works, some of which are on my Soundcloud account, I definitely spent more time on the content of each part while the actual sound of each part remained the same throughout. (as stated by Ronnie) While I welcome the criticism and plan to try and implement more variation in the future, I also feel that too much variation can destroy the continuity of a track, and some of the entries lost my vote for this reason. 3ee left me a comment stating that having a break part could have made my entry more interesting. That’s something I’ll really have to consider. While a break can be great and create some tension release and movement in a track, they almost seem like a cliche to me. Done right, they can really make a track on the other hand. Guess I should figure out what I think “done right” means to me and work on being able to do it. Anyway thanks again for the comments/criticisms and anyone else that has any ideas on things I could consider to improve I encourage you to comment. I have been reluctant to make any criticisms myself, because I feel that there really isn’t a wrong way to make music. It’s an expression of ones self and everyone is different, but knowing now how it has made me consider how to improve and expand my thinking, I will try to come up with some comments/criticisms for the entries. Just know they are done in good spirit.

  • Louisville Crenshaw

    Big ups Jingle & Ronnie…

    We are all beat makers and/or musicians… This contest was fun and exciting for me… Smile…!!! Then people started going crazy and I know its human nature to compete (or fight)…

    All of the tracks were good in one way or another… I know personally I could have done better. I will do better in the future if Ronnie continues this type of contest…

    Anyway… Big ups everyone… I hope the best track win… Good job Ronnie… I am your fan…!!!

    My 4 Top favorites:

    1.) Turn that Upside Downfrown Updowntown
    2.) Lope – Having a Senior Moment
    3.) Cagney
    4.) Boonsfarm Poison

    Louisville Crenshaw

  • MY VOTE:

    Jonas The Plugexpert – Bedrif

    Happy Juice

    A woman in Berlin
    Daniel Aloysius Hogan

  • Marco Scherer (Villa Violet)

    1. 3ee – Offset Senses by 3ee
    2. Happy Juice by _jackie
    3. Cagney by zerbamandnb

  • 3ee

    3ee’s Top 3:
    1st Happy Juice by _jackie
    2nd Jonas The Plugexpert – Bedrijf by plugexpert
    3rd Lope – Having a Senior Moment by Interloper
    (1). Now this is obviously a very good quality production! Best arrangement in this contest and also a great mix. I like the fact that instead of fighting for heavier kick drum, Jackie went for a smooth, punchy vinyl sound that gives him points in hi-class production.
    Tight, solid… with a good warm, sexy and groovy character.

    (2). It has some sort of a (bit odd) magical touch that captivates attention.
    Good arrangement that flows nicely with the well suited sounds. It’s somewhat experimental but not too much to get messy and unrecognizable. It’s artistic in a sunny hidden way, you just need to look out for details. ;)
    Interesting metallic sheen, trippy and it almost came from the sea.

    (3). The track for this spot was the hardest to pick mainly because it might be a bit too experimental IMO.
    This track is all about brilliant, outstanding creative work with a great sound!

    Sorry if your track didn’t get my vote but I think my votes are fair and …reality is one cruel, inhuman “son of a mother duck” ;)
    Additionally to that, I can give some feedback if requested via Soundcloud message on your track, so please feel free to link your track for consideration.

    Best Regards,

  • Neil

    It’s nothing to do with reality 3ee, it’s everything to do with personal taste.

  • 3ee

    If it was for personal taste my top 3 would be different. I think that the fairest way to judge something and still put your finger print on it is to include at least 50% of objective matter into the equation.
    So I’d say 50% personal taste, 50% as objective (by the books)
    Will be associating personal taste with human VS objective with real facts, professional facts (“as far as we can tell”). There isn’t a border between the two anyway…

  • NO ID

    Ron,once again ,thank you for the contest..this is only my second remixx and it was great fun. I’m going to look like a coward for this,but here goes. After listening to all this great music,I can only say that there are no 1..2..or 3.Funny,there can be a last place … not a bad last place,just different. There so much talent here,that it was really an honor to be in it. Keep up the great work..keep those samples coming & thank you.
    NO ID
    P.S. “DREAM THAT DREAM”…a track using some more of your samples coming.

  • Neil

    You’re over analysing a bit there, my friend ;)

  • 3ee

    I guess that’s true… but there’s got to be a better way to put the whole “personal taste” up to respect. I mean.. You probably was sometimes enoyed or negatively affected by people strongly stating the are right when you know that they aren’t… OK that’s cool when it doesn’t get you involved…blabla
    Long stories…
    Maybe I’m a little pissed off atm because social networks are getting destroyed by …………….. and I like socialise! (especially about music production) :)

  • DJane Loalita

    Nice tunes. Villa Violet track from Meller is best…killer! Absolute professional high-quality production.

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  • And the results are in!

    Congratulations to Jackie, 3ee, and Rachmiel.

    I hope everyone had a good time. We’ll be doing another contest pretty soon!


  • Neil

    This is the first contest of this type i’ve ever entered and it’s been great!
    It’s been a pleasure to hear some truly excellent music and i look forward to the next one.


  • Thanks Ronnie, for setting up a great contest! :)

  • Congratulations to the winners: Jackie, 3ee, and Rachmiel.

    I’ve already had 198 plays of my Track worldwide.

    I received a lot of very encouraging comments.

    I learnt a lot.

    I guess that makes me a ‘winner’ too! :)

    Thanks for hosting the Competition.

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