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This page contains patches and sound banks by Justin of 3amnoise.

Download patches/sound banks

id Title Plug-in
985 downloadZebra2 3am Zebra
984 downloadBlack and White and Red Zebra
983 downloadTime Manipulation 4 MFM More Feedback Machine 2
982 download3am MFM More Feedback Machine 2

Find more patches by sound designers, plug-ins or check the latest additions.


Short links for November 12th, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently:

# The Bit Blob 2 and Bit Blob Jr.

Bleep Labs is back with some more Bit Blob noise makers.

The Bit Blob 2 and Bit Blob Junior are now available to order ($225 and $55-$80 USD respectively), ships by December 6th.

# Handmade Music NYC 11/14

Handmade Music is part party, part science fair. Come meet people who make things that make music.


This month:

  • A duo of classical guitarists who play video games with their instruments
  • A project that sequences beats as you play a game of checkers
  • Chip music on Game Boy
  • Surf rock meets speed metal on glockenspiel, Casio, drums, bass


The official launch party for the MeeBlip, new, affordable open source synth hardware for everyone.

More info at the Handmade Music blog.

Korg iMS-20

# Korg iMS-20 Review

Synthtopia rounds up some first impressions, like this one from ipaddj:

Anyone who has used the Korg Legacy plug-in will know what they are in for and the fact that you can grab patch cables and route them using the touchscreen is almost mind-melting. Like a childhood fantasy come true.

The huge sound of the MS-20 is totally there and I couldn’t stop making Daft Punk patches for the first few hours using the beast.

# Free Sample Friday: Virus Drums

Access Virus

Tom at Waveformless celebrates his birthday (happy birthday, Tom!) with another free sample pack:

Today is my birthday, and in the spirit of "it's better to give than to receive", here are some free synthesized drum sounds from the Access Virus. I made these quite some time ago, so they were recorded at 16-bit through an E-mu E6400. As a result, some of them have a little noise in them, but around these parts, we like to call that "character". The source of the sounds is a mix of factory patches and third party patches.

u-he ACE

# U-HE ACE TIP: Pulse Width Modulation Basics

Mark at Modulate This! explains how to the OSC modulate pulse width on u-he's splendid ACE synth.

After watching my YouTube video “u-he ACE Tutorial: Patch Cables 101”, I had a viewer ask “How can i modulate the pulse width of? the osciliator?”, so I thought I’d do a quick answer here in text form. Click the image above to see a larger version of the synth. Annotation numbers in diagram match steps below.


3amnoise.net releases free drum kits and fx hits

3amnoise.net has posted a few new drum kits and fx hits, made using Battery 3, DKS Pro and tons of processing.

The kits can be downloaded in Battery (.kt3) format, Kontakt (.nki) format and as .wav files.

The Battery and Kontakt kits contain a great deal of internal modulation which animate the sounds in ways that are impossible to reproduce with static .wav files. Most of the arrhythmic patterns are set up in choke groups so that they can be triggered in rhythmic sequences.

More information: 3amnoise.net blog


3amnoise.net releases free 3am Sample Pack

Justin from 3amnoise.net has released 3am Sample Pack, a sample library of 250 loops (24-bit wav) including a kit for Battery 3.

The loops were constructed using:

  • Electribe ES-1
  • V-Synth
  • Devine Machine Lucifer 2
  • various Pluggo plugs
  • Ableton Sampler
  • Ableton Impulse
  • Eiosis AirEQ
  • Smartelectronix Geometer
  • Ohmforce Ohmboys
  • AudioDamage FuzzPlus2
  • Korg Legacy MS-20
  • Native Instruments Battery 3

Download the 3am Sample Pack here (259MB).


3amnoise.net releases free Noise Loops

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3amnoise.net Blog has a new loops pack out, called Noise Loops.


The Noise Loops sample pack weighs 53MB (67MB unpacked) and contains 19 loops. According to Justin they’re Not quite beats, not quite melodies… somewhere in between.

You can also still download the Processed Beats pack (149MB), which was released last month.

These are drum loops I created that didn’t go anywhere. I don’t remember how I made them and no longer have the projects they came from. Use them if you like.

So check 3amnoise.net Blog for more information and links to download these free loops.


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