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Kamui Virus Soundset II, sound set by Dominik Felsmann


Dominik Felsmann has released the Kamui Virus Soundset II, a collection of patches created using an Access Virus C.

After the huge success of the first soundset for Virus synthesizers and a banging soundbank for ReFX’s Nexus 2, Dominik Felsmann of Kamui is back with another gold mine full of sounds.

With even more crunchy basslines, screaming hooks, and tons of unheard presets, this one is the perfect addition to its predecessor. Just like the first soundset, this one will work in pretty much any electronic genre – so get it now!

The Kamui Virus Soundset II for all Virus models (including the A, B, C, Classic, TI, TDM and PowerCore) is available to purchase for $37.55 USD.

More information: Kamui Virus Soundset II

Motion Samples releases Dirty South Virus Synths

Motion Samples Dirty South Virus Synths

Motion Samples has released Dirty South Virus Synths, a new sample pack featuring sounds from the Virus TI synthesizer by Access Music.

Recorded from the popular Virus TI ™ synthesizer comes another quick bundle of over 100 loops of dirty south leads, chords and pads created from our custom library of patches.

Nobody can deny that the Virus TI ™ is the most popular synth heard in today’s hit music and is renowned for it’s capabilities of producing massive quality sounds. This pack is loaded with tons of hot hooks all priced at a great value!

Dirty South Virus Synths features

  • Over 100 Loops in Wav format.
  • Tempo: 68-88 Bpm.
  • License Royalty-Free.

Dirty South Virus Synths is available to purchase for $15 USD.

More information: Patchbanks

Access Music Richard Devine Signature Soundset 2010, free sounds for Virus TI

Access Music

Access Music has announced the release of Richard Devine Signature Soundset 2010, a free collection of sounds for the Virus TI synthesizer.

The new signature set by the Atlanta based Glitchcore/IDM artist Richard Devine takes your Virus TI to extreme and new territories. Richard’s passion for noise, dirt and distortion can easily be recognised though all his sounds.

Many sounds alter drastically with changing the MIDI note pitch although the actual pitch remains nearly the same. Also many sounds evolve over time and can be greatly modified with the preassigned soft knobs.

The new patch set can be downloaded free of charge in the Access Music download area.

More information: Access Music

Camel Audio releases Himalaya: Pads and Viral Outbreak Sound Libraries

Camel Audio has announced the release of Himalaya: Pads and Viral Outbreak, two sound libraries for Alchemy and Alchemy Player.

Camel Audio Himalaya: Pads & Viral Outbreak

Both will work as standalone instruments when used with the included Alchemy Player and cost just 59USD / 49EUR / 39GBP. Alchemy Sound Libraries offer all the benefits of sample libraries plus you can tweak sounds to fit your music using the perform controls and remix pad.

Himalaya: Pads is awash with warmth, richness, and complex internal movement, with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Enjoy a host of vintage analogue sounds from smooth and seriously lush strings, via a host of classic filter sweeps, to spiky digital textures, all featuring extensive modulation options plus aftertouch effects. With extensive sonic changes between the remix pad variations, this bank is a real-time delight for the performer, with its dancing harmonics, dramatic pitchbend swoops, rhythmic motifs, evolving jet flanges, and stereo ebbs and flows. This library incorporates 150MB of new samples including human and synthesised choirs, vintage strings, analogue pads and digital noise, all combined with a menagerie of multi-effects.

Viral Outbreak features dancing arpeggios, pop blips, unison leads, ambient drones and washes, shimmering pads, bizarre formant effects and sci-fi soundscapes, suitable for dance, IDM and electronica. This sound library draws on samples of the classic Virus synthesizer, featuring raw saw and pulse waveforms, massive supersaws, phase distortion, FM and classic wavetable sounds. This library draws on 1.7GB of Virus samples, 700MB of which are exclusive to this bank. From phat analogue to wiry digital twangs, warm and powerful to delicate and downright weird, this library has it all.

More information: Camel Audio

PatchBanks launches with Audigy Series

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PatchBanks Virus TI Audigy Series - Synths

PatchBanks has launched its website with the release of the Audigy Series of patch collections for the Virus TI synthesizer by Access Music.

Our professionally designed Audigy Series patch collections are the ultimate expansions for Virus TI™ owners who seek the latest cutting edge progressive sounds for their music production. These custom patches were created by pro engineers who have featured their work with major artists/producers, record labels and sound design companies.

The Virus TI™ is an outstanding digital sound instrument which when programmed properly can showcase some of best sounds ever heard on this planet! Each bank we’ve created maximizes features provided on this monster synth including effects, filtering, matrix routing, mode assignments and equalization which in return allowed us to produce the best sound possible.

Audigy Series features

  • Currently available: Bass, Leads, Strings, Plucks, Synths.
  • 1 Bank / 127 Patches each; Midi Sysex/Virus Control Data File.
  • Processed with subtle to extreme reverbs, delays and other effects.
  • Suitable for Trance, Progressive House, Electronica.

The Audigy Series patch collections are available to purchase starting at $20 CAD.

More information: PatchBanks

Prime Loops releases XXL Dance FX

Prime Loops XXL Dance FX

Prime Loops has announced the release of XXL Dance FX, a collection of cutting edge sound effects and one-shot samples for your music productions.

This massive 400MB+ collection of carefully formatted audio files and sampler patches is a jam-packed must-have tool kit for any forward thinking music producer!

Inside this pack you will find an inspired arsenal of over 200 expertly designed sound effects and DJ samples, featuring transition sweeps, bleeps, vocal chops, cymbal FX, orchestra hits, impact sounds, vinyl spins, atmospheric intro textures and much, much more!

All the samples in this pack have been designed and mastered by Prime Loops’ resident producer Lee Coombs, who has used legendary synths such as a Moog Voyager, Studio Electronics ATC1, Roland D50 and Access Virus as well as a whole range of Moogerfooger and other sound manipulating pedals during the creation of this sample pack.

XXL Dance FX is available to purchase in various formats, priced at £17.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops

Motion Samples releases Trance Aura Synth Loops

Motion Samples Trance Aura

Motion Samples has released Trance Aura, a collection of synth loops for trance music.

Our latest inspirational collection of the very best trance synth melodies and progressions featuring over 200 loops of distinct sounds recorded from the popular Virus TI™ keyboard.

Inside contains 70+ club compositions that are each arranged into 3-4 separate audio tracks of punchy bass lines, side-chained pads/textures, lead hooks, chord progressions, plucks, stacked polysynths, fx and many more of our creative patch sounds. Extreme sounds for today’s modern trance producer.

Trance Aura features

  • Over 200 Melody Loops (Wav).
  • Tempo: 130-138bpm.
  • License: Royalty-Free.

Trance Aura is available to purchase for $35 USD.

More information: Patchbanks

Access Music releases Virus TI OS4

Access Music Virus TI OS4

Access Music has released OS4 for the Virus TI, the award-winning hardware synthesizer with Total Integration plug-in technology.

New in OS4 for Virus TI

  • Overdrive Stomp Boxes — OS4 for the entire Virus TI line of synthesizers brings 6 more distortion flavors to the table, modeled on vintage guitar distortion pedals. Every one of these classic pedals is famous for its distinctive character and has been exploited by some of the greatest guitar heroes of all time. The virtual stomp boxes feature carefully modeled distortion curves and tonal characteristics and include tone controls where appropriate.
    • Mint Overdrive – The sound of this one just screams tubes – a very special kind of overdrive which results in a wonderful smokey tone. Good for achieving a subtle distortion effect whilst still retaining headroom for dynamics.
    • Curry Overdrive – A more extreme distortion, like in the original, this does not feature a Tone control.
    • Saffron Overdrive – The ‘orange’ one. A very harsh distortion, popular with the grunge movement.
    • Onion Overdrive – A big distortion effect famous for its fuzzy character.
    • Pepper Overdrive – A clear, powerful distortion that’s perfect for making leads cut right through the mix. Tone control to soften sound with a lowpass filter.
    • Chili Overdrive – A classic “fuzzbox” overdrive. No tone control, just in-your-face fuzz.
  • Vowel Filter — This effect is a simple and effective way to vocalize any sound similar to the way a talk box or vocoder would do.
  • Comb Filter — The new comb filter creates everything from subtle, pitched overtones to extreme time-warped deconstruction of any given patch.
  • Arpeggiator To Matrix — OS4 for the Virus TI series introduces a powerful new feature that allows you use the arpeggiator pattern to modulate any of the parameters available to the modulation matrix. You can use this to create dynamic, rhythmical patterns within a sound, similar to what you can achieve with a step sequencer.

The Virus TI OS4 is now available to download for registered users.

More information: Access Music / Virus TI OS4