Arctican Audio releases The Mid-Sider free M/S plug-in

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Arctican Audio The Mid-Sider

Arctican Audio has announced the Mid-Sider, a freeware mid-side decoding plug-in.

‘The Mid-Sider’ is a plugin for decoding mid-side type stereo recordings. If you don’t know what that is, go Google it and find out more. Simply drop this over a stereo bus with your mid and side channels.

By default, the plugin presumes you have your mid channel panned fully left, your side channel panned fully right, and you had the side microphone’s front (or positive) side facing left during recording.

The Mid-Sider is currently available for Windows (32/64-bit VST), Mac OS X VST/AU is coming soon.

More information: Arctican Audio / Mid-Sider


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