Hit Talk releases Single Ladies

Hit Talk has released Single Ladies, a Hit Report educational tool for musicians wanting to enhance their music production skills and learn the music production techniques used in a given hit song.

This hit report features step-by-step analysis and exclusive DAW-style illustrations of the music production techniques used in Beyonce’s hit song “Single Ladies”.

Hit Talk Single Ladies
Hit Talk Single Ladies – Format map

Single Ladies includes

  • Drum Production Report
  • Hook Production Report
  • Vocal Production Report
  • Synth Production Report
  • Music Production Report
  • Mix & Frequency Separation Report
  • Song Arrangement Step-by-Step Report
  • Song Format Map
  • Song Arrangement Map
  • Chord Progression Map
  • Frequency Separation Map
  • Groove/Quantize Analysis Map
  • Multi-Track Automation Detail Map
  • Plus Bonus VIP Samples and Loops

You can find out about the mix and frequency separation, plus the woodwind production in an online preview, or purchase the Hit Talk “Single Ladies” hit report as a download for $14.95 USD.

Check Moderbeats’ Hit Talk website for more information.


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